PacSafe Wallet Versus Louis Vuitton Wallet – I Tell You, Better You Get The PacSafe Wallet

Not long after I fired my boss and became a bum on 1.1.11, my wife bought a Louis Vuitton Wallet for me and that is why I know my LV wallet is about 8 years old; but, it still looks good! I can safely vouch that LV canvas wallets are really durable and worth every sen.

Below are photos of my 8 years plus LV canvas wallet.

Louis Vuitton Wallet 1

Louis Vuitton Wallet Rear 2

Louis Vuitton Wallet Inside 3


As you can see from the above photos, the LV wallet is really durable. I have been using it every single day for the last 8 years! However. there is a BIG con about the LV wallet, it is not RFID safe!!!

I do have an Aluminum Wallet for my credit cards with PayWave but I mostly keep cards that I don’t use in it. On the other hand, my main credit cards which I frequently use are kept in my LV wallet. Therefore, if someone steals the info from my credit cards using a RFID reader, I will end up with a freaking huge big headache! The total combine Credit Limit of my main credit cards in my LV wallet is more than enough to go buy a new MB or BMW!  Oh yes, you can pay in full for a BMW with a credit card just like I did for mine (where I used my AMEX Reserve and earned a FREE First Class return ticket to Europe!).

So recently i finally bought a RFID Safe Wallet 🙂

PacSafe RFIDsafe Z50 RFID Blocking Tri-Fold Wallet

Couple weeks ago while in Melbourne, I saw a PacSafe wallet which I kind of like because it comes with a metal chain which I can attach to my jeans/trousers. My previous wallet before I had the LV also had a similar chain. And best of all, it is RFID Safe and it even have a coin compartment (which the ladies love)!

The wallet is cheap compared to a LV but in terms of security, it beats the heck out of my LV wallet. At the head of the metal chain where we buckle it to our trousers, there is even a lock! This is really a pick pocket proof wallet.

PacSafe RFIDsafe Z50 RFID blocking tri-fold wallet 1

When you open the wallet up, there is even a zip compartment inside. This is really really good in terms of security but maybe a bit of a hassle when we want to take cash out. Then again, who uses cash nowadays.

PacSafe RFIDsafe Z50 RFID blocking tri-fold wallet 2

And below shows the coin compartment at the rear of the wallet which I mentioned earlier. I hate coins but now I do have some place to store them, hahaha.

PacSafe RFIDsafe Z50 RFID blocking tri-fold wallet 3

The PacSafe Tri-Fold RFID Safe wallet is longer than my LV wallet.

PacSafe RFIDsafe Z50 RFID blocking tri-fold wallet versus Louis Vuitton canvas wallet

Below are some of the info that came with the wallet:

PacSafe Info 1

PacSafe Info 3

PacSafe Info 2

PacSafe Info 8

If you are new to my blog, I strongly recommend that you take all the necessary precautions to avoid your credit card being clone. The first thing you should do is call your credit card issuer and instruct them to set the SMS Alert Default Value to RM1. Next thing you should do is make sure your credit cards are protected from RFID readers.

Last but not least, if you have yet to read my article on credit card security, you better click here and read it! If you are stubborn and thinks you are damn smart, you will regret BIG time when your credit/debit cards get clone and feel like a bloody fool for not listening to my advise, hahaha.