My Europe Trip 2019 Part II – Thai Airways Business Class Bangkok To Copenhagen & 1st Day In Copenhagen

My Europe Trip 2019 Part 1 – Thai Airways Business Class Boeing 777-300ER KL to Bangkok and Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok.

I flew out of Bangkok with Thai Airways Business Class to Copenhagen with Boeing 777-300ER and therefore the Buisness Class seats were the same as I flew out of KL to Bangkok.

However, this time I selected the Window seat 16B.

Thai Airways Business Class 1

Thai Airways Business Class 2.jpg

Thai Airways Business Class 3.jpg

My wife and daughter took the centre row seats.

Thai Airways Business Class 5

Thai Airways Business Class 6

The other middle row seats.

Thai Airways Business Class 7

Thai Airways Business Food And Drinks

Click on the images below to enlarge the menu.

Below are what my wife and daughter had:

Thai Airway Business Class 16



Salmon (in the bowl) with rice

Thai Airways Business Class 10

My wife’s breakfast

Thai Airways Business Class 15

My daughter’s breakfast

I was too tired and slept almost immediately after take off and had Egga Benedict for breakfast.

Thai Airways Business Class 12


We landed in Copenhagen at 7.38am.

Thai Airways Business Class 18

1st Day Europe – Copenhagen

The first I did after clearing Immigration was to go find a place to smoke because I had to endure more than 17 hours of suffering without the addictive nicotine and my body was near to the brink of shutting down.

I Love Copenhagen… the moment I exited the terminal..there was an astray!!!

Copenhagen Smioking 1.jpg

We headed to the city using Metro (train) which departed from the airport to the city.

Actually I asked one of my followers/disciple who reside in Copenhagen to teach me how to get to city and he sent me a step by step video! Yes, My Air Miles Disciples are all over the world πŸ™‚

Buying the Metro tickets was a breeze based on the above instructions and we were on the way to Copenhagen city.

Copenhagen Metro Train 1

Ticket Kiosks

Copenhagen Metro train 3.jpg

Copenhagen Metro train 2

Nice and clean Metro train

Since we arrived at the Hotel damn early, we stored our luggage at the lockers which cost DKK20 each.

And it was here I connected my Limited Edition G-Shock Rainbow to my phone and below is the video that shows the watch will automatically adjust the time (I know the actual time as my smartphones will show it the moment I arrived and connected to a network).


We then walk around Copenhagen and below are some of the photos taken during out walk around:

Denmark Copenhagen


Denmark Copenhagen Mermaid

Brunch at Union Kitchen

Copenhagen Union Kitchen 1.jpg

Copenhagen Union Kitchen 2

Copenhagen Union Kitchen 3

Copenhagen Union Kitchen 8

Danish King’s Palace

Denmark Palace 6.jpg

Denmark Palace 1.jpg


Denmark Palace 2.jpg

Denmark Palace 3.jpg

Denmark Palace 5

After checking out the city for a few hours we headed back to the hotel to check in. We rested for a couple hours and then headed to Pluto, a Michelin recommended restaurant for dinner:

Pluto Copenhagen Michellin 1

Pluto Copenhagen Michellin 2.jpg


Pluto Copenhagen Michellin 11.jpg

After dinner I met up with my Bro who gave me the video on how to purchase the Metro tickets above, for drinks πŸ™‚

GenX and Disciple Copenhagen

To be continued….