My Europe Trip 2019 Part III – Day 2 In Copenhagen And What You Must Do

My Europe Trip 2019 Part 1 – Thai Airways Business Class Boeing 777-300ER KL to Bangkok and Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok.

My Europe Trip 2019 Part II – Thai Airways Business Class Bangkok To Copenhagen & 1st Day In Copenhagen

We woke up pretty early. The hotel I am staying does not provide complimentary coffee and tea in the room. So for breakfast, I had pastries and Starbucks canned coffee from 7 Eleven. The canned coffee cost me DKK20.

Copenhagen Starbucks Coffee 7 Eleven.jpg

The Best Value In Copenhagen

My daughter wanted to take the River/Canal Boat Tour. So we headed to Nyhavn and took the 9.20am Boat Tour which cost DKK50 per pax. I tell you, when you are in Copenhagen, you must take the river/canal guided boat tour as this is the best value for anything in Copenhagen. For DKK50, we were taken around Copenhagen for an hour and get to see many sides/attractions while in the boat.

Copenhagen Guided Ricer Canal Tour.jpg

Copenhagen River Canal Boat Tour 1.jpg

Copenhagen River Canal Boat Tour 10.jpg

Royal Palace and Opera House

Copenhagen River Canal Boat Tour 2.jpg

Copenhagen River Canal Boat Tour 4.jpg

Boat House

Like I mentioned earlier, you must take the boat tour…… you get to see The Little Mermaid’s Backside!

Copenhagen River Canal Boat Tour 5.jpg

Copenhagen River Canal Boat Tour 6.jpg

Copenhagen River Canal Boat Tour 7.jpg

Copenhagen River Canal Boat Tour 9.jpg

Photo taken during the boat ride of the Barr Restaurant which my daughter had made reservation for dinner

Copenhagen River Canal Boat Tour 15.jpg

Copenhagen River Canal Boat Tour 8.jpg

Copenhagen River Canal Boat Tour 16.jpg

It seems these are amongst the oldest buildings in Copenhagen

Copenhagen River Canal Boat Tour 11.jpg


Copenhagen River Canal Boat Tour 13.jpg

Copenhagen Food Market

After the boat tour, we headed to the Food Market for early lunch.




It seems this place has the best coffee in Copenhagen BUT I can tell you after trying it, Melbourne’s coffee is still the best!





We had Danish Open Sandwich for lunch.


After lunch we headed to Trivoli. It was a 20 minutes walk from the Food Market but since the weather was cooling, it was a nice walk.

Trivoli Theme Park – One Of The Oldest Theme Parks In The World


Trivoli Copenhagen 1.jpg

Trivoli Copenhagen  World Oldest Theme Park.jpg

Trivoli Copenhagen 2.jpg

Trivoli Copenhagen 5.jpg

Trivoli Copenhagen 6.jpg

Trivoli Copenhagen.jpg

After we were done checking out Trivoli, we decided to walk back to the hotel and the Main Shopping Street was along the way and we passed by the City Hall (photo below).

Copenhagen City Hall.jpg

At the main shopping street, my daughter wanted to go to & Other Stories..

Copenhagen Main Shopping Street 2.jpg

Copenhagen Main Shopping Street  & Other Stories.jpg

Copenhagen Main Shopping Street 1

Other Interesting Stuff

Below is the prices of McD burgers which are great indication of the cost of living throughout the world:

Mc Donald's Burger Price Copenhagen

All the cars in Copenhagen has this meter on their windshield


And I passed by a signage which caught my attention, they are really honest, they do not claim to be the best 100%. I wonder if my Limited Edition Rainbow watch would be the main attraction if I enter this said club, hahaha.


Barr Restaurant

We rested for a few hours at the hotel and then headed to Barr Restaurant which is a Michellin Recommended. My daughter has previously made reservations at this well known restaurant. I tell you, the Cod fish was the best I ever had.

Barr Restaurant Copenhagen building.jpg

Barr restaurant building on the left

Barr Restaurant Copenhagen kitchen

Barr Restaurant Copenhagen.jpg

Barr Restaurant Copenhagen Food.jpg

Barr Restaurant Copenhagen Best Cod Fish.jpg

The best Cod fish I ever had

Barr Restaurant Copenhagen bill.jpg

To be continued….