My Europe Trip 2019 Part XVII – London Best Restaurant and Marie Kondo

London Day 3

Today we had lunch at Core, a 2 Star Michelin Restauran where my youngest daughter made reservations 3 months ago! I tell you, the food was not only delicious but the presentation was fabulous plus the service just simply amazing. Yes, if you are in London you must try this restaurant.

And today I learned a new phrase… by Marie Kondo… do whatever that sparks joy…. i.e. shiok sendiri, hahaha

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We headed to Oxford Street at about 10am and the first place we stopped was & Other Stories where my daughter bought a few clothes. FYI, & Other Stories is a sister company of H&M where the clothes cost much more.



Next stop was Selfridges to check out Chanel new season collection which they launched yesterday only.

However, this time there was no new Coco Handle line handbag that my wife was looking for.

Chanel 2.jpg

We were running late plus it was raining, so we took the taxi to Core and it cost me about GBP17.

Core – 2 Star Michelin Restaurant

Like I mentioned at the start, the experience at Core was wonderful. The service is second to none and the food skillfully prepared and presented. It was the best meal I had during this Europe Trip.

Core London Best Restaurant Michelin Star.jpg

Core London Best Restaurant 1.jpg


Core London Best Restaurant 2.jpg

Entrance from another view

London Michelin  Star Restaurant  Core and G Shock.jpg

Core London Best Restaurant 3


Core London Best Restaurant 4

Core London Best Restaurant 7

Must order this – their signature potato

Core London Best Restaurant 6

Core London Best Restaurant 8.jpg

Core London Best Restaurant 11

Core London Best Restaurant 10.jpg


Core London Best Restaurant 13

Duck! I had this for my main meal.


Core London Best Restaurant 16.jpg

Core London Best Restaurant 19

Core London Best Restaurant 20

Core London Best Restaurant 21

Must order this dessert- the other carrot.

Core London Best Restaurant 29.jpg

Core London Best Restaurant 30.jpg

Red and White wine jelly

We were seated at the table right in front of the full glass kitchen and therefore were given privilege to see the cooks and chef in action.

Core London Best Restaurant 9.jpg

Core London Best Restaurant 31.jpg

All the service staff wore suit

Core London Best Restaurant 17.jpg

On the left is the owner and renowned chef Clare Smyth

I love this restaurant, it even has a dedicated place for smokers like me!

Core London Best Restaurant 15.jpg

Core London Best Restaurant 28

Portobello Road

After lunch we headed to the famous Portobello Street.

London Portobello Market 1.jpg

London Portobello Market 2.jpg

London Portobello Market 4.jpg

Chanel Boutique New Bond Street

From Protobello, we took the Underground Tube Train to Bond Station and walked to Chanel Boutique at New Bond Street where my wife finally found something she liked.

She had a hard time deciding which hand bag she liked and I was just grateful she finally made up her mind as I was scheduled to have dinner with my uncle and his wife and it was already 6pm which is also peak period.



We then rushed to Canary Wharf to meet up with my uncle for dinner. He knows I love London Duck and lobsters and ordered then for me 🙂




London Roast Duck again 😉


To be continued…