My Europe Trip 2019 Part XVI – Girls’ Day Out Again

London Day 2

Today we went to Bicester Village, which is a Factory Outlet Mall. We took the train at about 11am from Marylebone Station and the ride one way took about 40 minutes. The cost of the return trip was GBP13 each. If you refer to the ticket below, you will notice that it is stated Group  of 4.

Bicester Village Review 2.jpg

Bicester Village Review 3

Bicester Village Review 11

Bicester Village Review 13.jpg

Bicester Village Review 18


Bicester Village Review 17

As usual, you are sure to learn a thing or two for all my articles, so before I proceed any further including sharing with you a secret on how to save money at Bicester Village outlets, below are my previous posts in Denmark and Italy:

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Bicester Village – First Thing You Must Do To Save You Money

Once you get off the train at Bicester Village, the first thing you must do is go to the Customer Guest Service Centre right after you exit the train platform.

Bicester Village Review 19

Bicester Village Train Station

Bicester Village Review 20.jpg

Bicester Village Review 15

Enter here and go to the counter

Bicester Village Review 16

Ask them if you can get discount card

At the Guest Services Counter, I asked if I can get any discount and the girl asked where I am from…. and when I told her I am from Malaysia….. she said I am entitled to 10% discount at all the outlets if I have a Maybank Credit Card! So I showed her my Maybank Credit Card and she then gave me the discount card. And the joke is….. my wife and daughter will get 10% discount by showing the discount card without even needing to use their Maybank Credit Cards!

However, in order to be entitled to the 10% discount, you must spent minimum GBP150 which is also the amount to be entitled for Tax Rebate.

Outlets at Bicester Village

Some of the brands being offered are Bottegga Veneta, Clark’s, Coach, Furla, Gucci, Michael Kors, Saint Lauren and even Dior which is not common at outlet malls.

The longest queue was Gucci just like in Florence Outlet Mall. I guess Gucci is the current in thing.

Bicester Village Review 4.jpg


In my previous article published yesterday, I mentioned that a Chanel handbag my wife is interested in is cheaper in Italy compared to London.

In My Europe Trip Part X – Girl’s Day, I shared with you guys that the Bottega Veneta outlet mall in Florence was offering fantastic discount for their zip wallets. Well, the same wallet cost more than GBP100 more in Bicester Village!

In general, it cost more for the same product in Bicester Village compared to the outlet mall in Florence Italy.

My wife however did buy a large Lompchamp bag for less than GBP60 and Furla wallet at bargain price. My daughter only bought a jacket that she liked since I already bought her  Bottega Veneta wallet and Prada bag in Florence.

My aunty on the other hand went on a shopping spree. So she went to the Tax Refund Centre but the queue was freaking long and after waiting for 10 minutes she decided she will submit the Tax Refund documents at Heathrow. The advantage of getting the Tax Refund at Bicester Village is that you get cash in Pounds; whereas at Heathrow you can credit back the Tax Refund to your credit card or in Euro (not pounds) and they impose a service fee!

Bicester Village Review 10


Below is a photo taken of the Rose Arch at Bicester Village:

Bicester Village Review 7

Below contents are updated on 4th August 2019

If you are are Asia Miles or KrisFlyer Member, forget about showing the Bicester Village Guest Services your Maybank credit card to be entitled for 10% discount BUT instead register with your Asia Miles or KrisFlyer Account to be entitled for the 10% discount PLUS additional Air Miles!!! Click here for more info and see the list of Bicester Village Shopping Outlets worldwide.


London Duck Here I Come Again

We return to London at about 5.15pm and went straight to Chinatown for dinner. Of course we ordered the London Roast Duck again and this time lobsters too.

London Chinatown London Duck 1.jpg

London Chinatown London Duck 2

London Chinatown London Duck 2A.jpg

London Chinatown London Duck 6

London Chinatown London Duck 3

London Chinatown London Duck 4

After dinner, we dropped by the place by uncle is staying which he had booked a 2 bedroom apartment with Airbnb. He opened the bottle of Taittinger Champagne and Remy Martin Cellar No.28 which be bought when he arrived in Heathrow earlier in the week.



To be continued…