Be Kiasu And Get An Anti-Theft Traveling Bag

Previously, I showed you guys that I have swapped my Louis Vuitton canvas wallet for a cheap looking Pacsafe nylon RFID safe wallet.

Today I am going to advise you that you should be carrying an anti-theft sling bag too when you go traveling. It is very common to hear that people get pick-pocketed while they travel in Europe. So, if you do not want any headaches, I strongly advise you to get a Travelon or Pacsafe small sling bag in addition to an anti-theft wallet.

Travelon Anti Theft Classic Sling Travel Bag 2.jpg

As you can read from the above, the bag is Slash Proof, RFID Safe and every external zip has a locking mechanism!

During my recent Europe trip, I had my Travelon anti-theft sling bag with me wherever I went. This small anti-theft (slash proof as it is reinforced with metal mesh) and RFID safe bag can store damn a lot of stuff. Besides having 3 of my smartphones inside my Travelon, the bag also carried my passport, a pack of cigarettes, my Iqos & Heets (YES, I smoke both), battery pack, cables,  a bottle of water, umbrella, keys, etc.

Read again above, I was carrying an umbrella and a bottle of water with this freaking small bag! This bag is really light weight and therefore it did not feel heavy with so many things inside. See image below:

Travelon Sling Bag 2

This freaking small bag also has many separate compartments and in two of them there’s even another zip compartment!

Travelon Sling Bag 3

When I am going through airport security, I can insert my watch and PacSafe wallet into my Travelon Anti-Theft Slash Proof RFID Safe sling bag too (remember, I have 3 smartphones plus other stuff inside the bag).

The Travelon bag was bought in Melbourne. I have no idea if they are sold in the malls in Malaysia but you can get them online, e.g. Lazada. However, one of my followers told me he got his Pacsafe Travel bag from Planet Traveler in Pavilion and Isetan has it too.

So Bros & Sis, be kiasu and get yourself a travel wallet and sling bag so that you do not need to face any unnecessary headache when traveling.

And if you are to be pick pocketed during your travels because you refused to follow my  recommendation to get an anti-theft travel bag like mine above then I get to tell you (which is the Code Word for a certain aritlce) – IToldYouSo