Watches Are History – We Don’t Need One

I have mentioned many times previously that watches are history as we don’t need a watch because all of us have smartphone(s) which not only tells us the time but can do much much more. Most people buy watch for shiok sendiri sensations including me, haha.

Well, it has been more than 7 weeks since I wore a watch!!! Since I am stuck at home, there is no necessity for me to wear a watch because my smartphones are always by my side and I am glued to the computer screens where the time is also shown at the lower right hand corner with the date.

Below are some of my watches:

G Shocks

Rolex GMT Master Pepsi 16700 versus GMT Master II Pepsi 126710BLRO

My Pepsi GMT I and GMT II

Actually, during the MCO, on most days I don’t even know what day it is because to me everyday is a Sunday, hahaha.

Citizen Eco Drive BM8475-00 All Black Military Style

This super cheap watch is solar powered and has DAY!!! But I need to change the date manually on certain months!

Even if there is no new Covid-19 cases, it does not mean that the damn virus is eradicated. As you all know by now, most of the people who are infected with the covid-19 virus don’t even have any symptoms or symptoms not related to breathing (e.g. stomachache and discoloration to the toes). So unless one is tested for covid-19, there is no way one will know if he/she is infected with what virus but at the same time is a carrier and can spread the damn virus to others!!!

This covid-19 will change the world as we know it. We are now ordered to practice social distancing and not to shake hands. We are also told to wash our hands frequently or use hand sanitizers even if we do not touch anything. There will be no mass gatherings for months to come.

Well, guess what? The covid-19 will once and for all confirm that we don’t need a watch. Why?

  1. If you wear your watch out in the public, the damn virus may stick/drop onto your watch.
  2. Your finger may touch the watch and then the same finger may be used to touch your eyes or nose!
  3. With the virus stuck to your watch, you then spread it elsewhere including bringing it back straight into your home!!!

Therefore, just like you are advised to wash your hands, if you wear a watch and go outside, the watch may be potentially exposed to the damn virus, when you return home, you must wash your hand and the damn watch too!

In respect to the above, what it means only a fool will wear a luxury watch out in the open because he will then need to wash it with soap upon returning home. And if the watch has a leather strap, how to wash with soap? Even if you have a stainless steel Rolex watch, are you going to wash it with the same soap when you are washing your hands first thing you enter your home?

I tell you, from now on, we only need to wear cheap waterproof but yet really advance Casio G-Shocks that are solar powered. Oh yes, solar powered is damn important because as you know, we were under lockdown for weeks and could not go out. If your watch uses battery, it will be useless when the battery goes flat!!! Therefore a solar powered watch will guarantee your watch will always work. The solar technology nowadays is so advance that Casio G-Shock or Citizen don’t even need sunlight but florescent light is good enough!!!

And Casio G-Shocks also has built-in alarm (to tell you it’s time to go to sleep) and show not only the date but what day it is (which is really good for people like me who thinks everyday is a Sunday).

Then again, forget about Casio G-Shock solar powered watch. Like I said, our smartphones can do more. If you really need a wearable device that tells time and last at least 2 weeks before it needs to be recharge, you should instead get the Mi Band which is freaking cheap where you can wash it while you wash your hands or dip it into a bowl of Dettol solution and even go swimming with it too!

Mi Band 4 Swimming

Mi Band 4

Plus the Mi Band 4 straps are interchangeable and are available in many colors to match your mood and outfit. During the MCO, I bought a Mi Band 4 for my wife together with an additional Metal Mesh Strap (saw one of my air miles disciple wearing the metal mesh strap and it was really nice) for RM120 only. Below is the options of Mi Band 4 straps I could buy together with a Mi Band 4 from the seller at Lazada:

Xiaomo Mi Band Straps Leather and Metal

And for your info, the new Mi Band 5 will be launched in a few months time! There are some so called leaked photos on the internet but nothing official from Xioami.

However, just like any device that is connected to an APP and/or the internet, the Mi Band does collect data!!!

So if your privacy is a major concern then I guess you should get the Casio G-Shock Solar Powered watches where  just like the Mi Band 4, you can wash the G-Shock as you wash your hands or dip it into a bowl of Dettol solution and even go swimming too 🙂 The GWB5600AR-1 shown below have Bluetooth, so if you are concerned of your privacy, do not connect to your smartphone. Prices shown are in USD. The men’s digital models has more features compared to the women’s models.

Casio G Shock Solar Powered

And if you want a cheap automatic watch with rubber strap (easier to wash), then you should check our Seiko and you will be amazed you can get one for less than RM1K!!!

So Bros & Sis, listen to me, forget about the Patek or Rolex or whatever luxury watch, you can’t wear them anywhere unless you are willing for it to be contaminated with the virus (and then spread it around) and wash the damn watch every time as you wash your hands. Well, you still can wear it at home to shiok sendiri, hahaha. It makes more sense to get a freaking cheap Mi Band which not only count the steps you have taken so that you remind yourself you need the exercise but also reminds you to stretch if you sit down too long, hahaha.

UPDATE – My Wife’s Mi Band 4

I ordered the Mi Band 4 from Lazada where the package I selected came with an extra Blue Strap (see below photo, it has Mi Logo) and a Metal Mesh Strap in Rose Gold. It also came with a screen protector. In total, it cost me RM120 (less than USD40) which is freaking cheap if you ask me. The reason why it is so cheap is because it is not a Mi Malaysia unit but imported by the seller and the 1 year warranty is by the seller. For about RM120, I’m willing to get a parallel imported set. However, for smartphones, I would get an official Malaysia unit.

Mi Band 4 with Blue and Metal Mest Rose Gold Strap

Unboxing Mi Band 4 – in the box, the Mi Band 4, black strap and an USB charger/adapter.

Mi Band 4 with Blue and Metal Mest Rose Gold Strap unboxing Review

It also came with a small booklet which I assume is the manual but it is in Chinese!!! I will have to go figure it out how to change to English. According to the seller webpage (image below), all I need is to download the Mi Fit App to my wife’s phone and pair it with the Mi Band and it will auto switch to English.

Mi Band 4 Chinese to English

The Mi Band 4 battery was flat. So I charged it and when I came back to it after more than an hour, it was fully charged.

Mi Band 4 Review Battery Charging time

Photo of the Mi Band with the interchangeable Metal Mesh Rose Gold Strap

Mi Band 4 Review with Blue and Metal Mest Rose Gold Strap 2

Mi Band 4 Review with Blue and Metal Mest Rose Gold Strap 3

Mi Band 4 Review with Blue and Metal Mest Rose Gold Strap 8