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Seiko 5 GMT SSK003 SBSC003 Blue Dial And Bezel Batgirl Versus Rolex GMT Master II 126710BLRO

Previously I shared with you that I have bought 2 Seiko 5 Automatic watches.

The first Seiko 5 Automatic I bought was the Limited Edition One Piece Luffy – click here to see the watch.

The second Seiko 5 Automatic watch I nought was for my wife’s nephew where he personally invited me to his 21st Birthday. It was a Sport model with Blue Dial and Blue Bezel. This said model cost about half of what I paid for my Luffy Limited Edition Seiko 5. Click here to my aritlce titled Seiko 5 SEPD51K Blue Dial And Blue Bezel Versus Rolex GMT Pepsi.

And recently, I published an article on the new Seiko 5 GMT where the Recommended Retail Price is just slightly above RM2K or less than USD500!!!

Click here to read Seiko 5 GMT – Best Value For An Automatic GMT Watch

In the above said article, I shared with you the retail price of the Seiko 5 GMT in Malaysia and Australia. The Seiko 5 is cheaper in Malaysia, HOWEVER, we only get 1 year Warranty for Seiko 5 watches bought from official retailers! On the other hand, Seiko gives 3 years Warranty in Australia and even up to 5 years!

Anyway, below is the official retail price of the new Seiko 5 GMT in Malaysia:

In the same article mentioned above, I told you that I called Seiko Boutique at Mid Valley and they do not have the Seiko 5 GMT SSK003 with blue dial in stock except for the pumpkin coloured dial.

So I checked Lazada and there are a few sellers but most are selling at official retail price. No way I am going to pay official retail price from a seller at Lazada or Shopee, hahaha. Moreover, there are so many fakes in Lazada and Shopee……. you have been warned.

I did initially found a seller who is an Authorised Seiko Dealer and they were offering the Seiko 5 SSK003 Blue Dial for RM2K, BUT I dilly dallied and by the time I decided to buy it, late in the evening, it was no longer available!!!

There was another seller online at Lazada selling the Seiko 5 GMT SSK003 Blue Dial for less than the official retail price BUT the seller sells all kinds of stuff besides watches; and to me it shows that he is most probably not a Seiko Authorised Dealer. So I decided to take a miss.

I tell you, everything happens for a reason. God did not want me to buy the Seiko 5 GMT SSK003 from Authorised Seiko Dealers in Malaysia!!!

Click here to Page 2 to see my new toy – Seiko 5 GMT Batgirl and you will see that I was blessed again 🙂