What You Must Do If You Use Your Credit Card At Lazada Malaysia

I just purchased something online at Lazada and to my horror this time there is no option for me to check that my credit card details will not be saved. Instead, they forced me to accept the fact that my credit card information will be saved and OTP may no longer be required.

WTF!!! OTP (One Time Password) is the only real security we have nowadays.


Lazada Save Card Option

As you can see above, Lazada Malaysia Online Shopping no longer allow the option for me not to have my credit card saved. In order to pay with my credit card, I had no choice but to click Pay Now and allow Lazada to save my credit card details. WTF!!!

And it is clearly stated that OTP may no longer be required. This is freaking dangerous. What if someone hack into our account. Don’t think it will never happen.

I know of people who saved their credit cards with Agoda and Airbnb and someone hacked into their accounts and once the money is charged to our credit cards, it is damn freaking troublesome as the card issuer will not be responsible for any fraudulent charges because it is our own fault for saving the card details in the account in the first place!

NEVER EVER SAVE any of your credit card to any app or online account. Always key in manually your credit card so that OTP will be sent to you for verification.

Anyway, the above does not mean we cannot shop with Lazada Online anymore. What we must do to protect ourselves is we must delete the save card manually everytime.

Log In to your Lazada Online Shopping Malaysia Account:

Step 1 – Click on Manage Account

Step 2 – Click on My Payment Option

Step 3 – DELETE Saved Card Details

Lazada Online Shopping Save Card Delete

Once you remove the card, the next time you pay anything at Lazada, you will need to manually key in the credit card details and the most important thing of all – you will get a OTP 🙂