Reusable ProXMask V90 Antivirus Mask – The Best Protection?

Couple days ago I read an article at The Star titled – Best protection against Covid-19 (click here to read it).

Below are parts from the article that caught my attention:

Designed and engineered with its ProX technology, the ProXmask90V is marketed as being able to inactivate 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 that causes Covid-19, other coronaviruses as well as influenza viruses and bacteria.

The anti-virus technology in the mask fabric developed with an European textile chemical manufacturer features the presence of active positive charges on the fabric – as binding sites for viruses.

Upon contact with the fabric, the virus cells which are negatively charged are neutralised, leading to rapid destruction of its glycoprotein layers.

It also comes with a water repellency feature and is fitted with an innovative self-developed microfiltration structure, which captures and deactivates viruses and bacteria down to a microscopic scale of 1,000 times smaller than a millimeter.

Wow! This mask can inactivate, cause rapid destruction and deactivate viruses. Freaking cool.

Also stated in the article is that the ProXmask90V is washable and reusable up to 60 times. Good for 2 months?

I would like to point out to you that the above said article in The Star on ProXMask was published on the same day when there was an advertisement in the paper version of The Star by the maker of ProXMask…… therefore you go figure out if the above said article in The Star is an indirect paid advertisement in addition to the advertisement in The Star.

And actually, this is the second time an article have been published at The Star on ProXMask V90, previously in May 2020 there was also a full page ad in The Star newspaper.

Anyway I am easily convinced that I bought a few packets (there are 2 masks in 1 pack), 1 pack for my dad, 3 packs for my children (which I will sent via courier to Melbourne) and 1 pack for myself too.

And this mask has 5 layers, sounds better than the 3 ply disposable mask that I have been wearing, haha. FYI, the government of Malaysia does not permit export/sending of 3 layers mask overseas.

And since the ProXMask V90 is reusable (washable) unlike the 3 ply mask which must be thrown away daily, I thought it will be more convenient for me to just leave the mask in my car and wash it after wearing it couple times. I intend to use the mask max 30 days  (a month) and then throw it away. So with 2 mask per pack, I would not need to use other mask for the next 2 months……………. actually I have bought many different types of mask, N95, P95, KN95 and even one that is by Xioami but I have only been using the cheapo 3 ply disposable mask, haha.

And also I would think that this ProXMask V90 is excellent when we go traveling since it is reusable and washable (with powder detergent only).

Below are ads at ProXMask website (click here to visit it where they have links to Lazada and Shopee):

ProXMask 90V Antivirus Face Mask

ProXMask 90V Antivirus Protective Features

I ordered the mask via Lazada around noon and it was delivered to my home the next day!

ProXMask 90V Antivirus

From the above image, you can see it is stated – KILLS Virus! I tell you, this is the one and only mask that is Made in Malaysia which I have seen that claims to kill viruses!!! If this is true, wouldn’t it be better than my N95, P95 and K95 masks which do not kill viruses?

I was about to use it and then I read at the back of the package – WASH BEFORE USING! So take note if you are getting the mask too.

Now, on 1st July 2020, it was reported that there was only 1 confirm case of covid-19 in Malaysia and it was an imported case, i.e. no local transmission. But if you have been reading the news, countries such as China, South Korean and Australia which managed to control the covid-19 has seen increase in new cases recently. And our government have been allowing people to fly in and plans to open our borders soon to a few countries and if we are complacent, we may end up back in square one just like Melbourne’s case where the current outbreak was from people under quarantine at hotels.

And the USA have bought the entire global stock of Remdesivir – click here to read America’s greedy decision to buy entire world’s supply of potential COVID-19 treatment

Below are parts from the above report:

Now, one of just two potential COVID-19 treatments that’s shown to be effective in trials has been made unavailable to the world – thanks to America.

The Trump administration has announced it purchased 500,000 doses of the drug remdesivir, representing the entirety of global stock.

Department of Health and Human Services secretary Alex Azar celebrated the mega haul, which represents all of manufacturer Gilead’s July supply and 90 per cent of its August and September production.

More importantly, it was reported that a new virus in China has traits of 2009 swine flu and 1918 pandemic flu and click here on New strain of flu found in China has potential to become a pandemic, scientists warn

Anyway, even if there are no cases of covid-19 in Malaysia or anywhere, by wearing a proper mask, we can also avoid catching the common flu virus and other germs.

So stay safe, reset your mind to enjoy staying at home and stock up on mask just in case we are hit with another new virus where even if you are vaccinated (when available) against the Covid-19 also you are in danger of a possible new pandemic from a new virus that is ready to jump over from pigs to humans. Be Prepared For Tomorrow……. and at the same time BE GRATEFUL YOU CAN EAT, SHIT and SLEEP so ENJOY LIFE NOW too 🙂


After I posted above, my dropped by our local pharmacy and came back with another antivirus mask that is cheaper but has less layers. Click here to read about Dr. Mama Self Sanitizing Antivirus Mask.

UPDATE June 6.6 Sale

You can now get the ProXMask 90V for less than RM20 each at Lazada or Shopee.

REMINDER, make sure you get 90V with claimed to be Anti-Virus and not the cheaper 90 without the V.

And they now have a new model called 95V with various design:

Visit Be Elementz at Lazada and Shopee.

For Shopee, remember to claim store voucher for the ProXMask 95V and if you have Shopee Coins (ShopeePay not required) AND Coins Back Bonus using Shopee Pay then you may be able to get it even cheaper compared to Lazada.