Circle of Karma Part II – I Did Not Bullshit On The SOP And Was Blessed In Return

In my article titled Circle Of Karma (click here to read it), I mentioned/pointed out the following:


  • the “way”, “path”, “route”, “road” or ‘proper’ way of existence’
  • pattern behind the natural world that keeps the Universe balanced and ordered – Yin Yang
  • it is known through actual living experience of one’s everyday being.

The thing is, only sincere actions from your heart will earn karma points. If you use your brain to calculate this and that, you will not earn any positive karma points, but instead accumulate more negative karma points.

Ho Mia people also have problems, i.e. experience “Pia Mia” (Bad Life)…….it is the way of the Tao, where one through actual living experience of one’s everyday being.

In respect to the above, I have a story to tell……. about Yin Yang balance (where there is good there is bad to balance out and vice-versa) and always be truthful/honest.

As you all know, we are now required to take our temperature, write our name and contact number whenever we enter any premises.

So happened couple days ago I needed to go the Main Local Council Building to print out some Assessment Bills and then make payments.

However, many people go to the Main Local Council Building for various reasons and I had to wait outside the building until someone comes out just like Maybank branches!

Oh side note, when I visited UOB Bank and OCBC Bank in the past 2 days, I could enter immediately after I scan the QR Code with my Samsung Note FE at the entrance and perform the banking activity desired almost instantly ๐Ÿ™‚

However, my Local Council provided chairs for us to sit while waiting for our turn to enter the building. We had to constantly move to the next vacant chair to sit down…… it is like kids playing musical chair, hahaha. But I was grateful I had chairs to sit while in the Q.

Anyway, while waiting to enter the building, I checked the credit cards in my main Anti Theft PacSafe wallet and realized that I did not bring the right credit card for government related payments….. well Shit Happens!

Previously I used to carry my Coach Academy Sling Bag (click here to see it) wherever I go which has all my credit cards that are not in my main Anti-Theft PacSafe wallet. Therefore, I decided that I will only print the Assessment Bills and then head home and collect the right credit card for government related payments as I was not willing to forego the opportunity to earn a few thousand air miles for FREE.

When it was my turn to enter the building, as usual I had to write down my name (initials as I never right down my full name) and contact number. However, I also had to give them my Driving License before they gave me a Pass Card which allows me to proceed to the relevant department.

I managed to print the Assessment Bills almost instantly as no one was doing this errand ๐Ÿ™‚

I then returned the Pass Card to the receptionist and she gave me back my Driving License.

I then went home and took the right credit card with me and drove to another Local Council Branch Office, which had no queue and I could immediately proceed to make payments for the Assessment Bills I printed out earlier.

Upon reaching home, I received a call from an unknown number which I usually will just ignored but somehow this time I answered it.

Caller: Maaf ganggu Encik…. saya daripada Maljlis….. nama Encik GenX?

Me: Ya saya.

Caller: Tadi Encik kat Majlis?

Me: Ya

Caller: Kredit Kard Premier Encik terjatuh. (FYI, the name on this said credit card has the exact same initials, not my full name, as what I have written down in the Council’s record book).

Me: Aiyoh, saya ke Majlis sekarang.

Caller: Encik datang kat lobby untuk mengambil kard kredit.

Me: Terima Kasih Bro.

So I immediately rushed to the Main Council Building again and reported to the receptionist and she gave me back my credit card ๐Ÿ™‚

Moral of the story:

Because I was honest where I wrote my true contact number without bullshitting as required under the SOP, the Council people could easily tracked me down and contact me based on the initials embossed on my credit card (which is exactly the same as I have written down in the Council’s book).

If I had used my brain – which tells me that I should never disclose my contact number to anyone, the council people would not have been able to contact me. Luckily I followed my heart and did the honest thing ๐Ÿ™‚

My PacSafe wallet may be anti-theft and anti-RFID but if I am not careful, my credit card can slip out when I open it, hahaha.

Yin Yang – When I wanted to insert back my Driving License into the zip compartment of my wallet (which is a good thing), somehow my credit card must have slipped out from the side pocket (which is a bad thing).

You see, I was holding the Assessment Bills and opening my wallet where I needed both hands to open (it is trifold with Velcro), then unzipping and zipping up the compartment where my Driving License is kept and closing back the wallet all at the same moment….. and therefore the probability ofย  a shit happens situation is very high.

The above mentioned Premier credit card Credit Limit is enough to buy a new Honda car and if it falls into the wrong hands, habislah ku. However, I was not pissed off that I lost my credit card but felt extremely grateful to the Universe/God that the council people managed to picked it up and called me. I was in a positive mood after the call ended.

I may be Ho Mia (fly First Class and Business Class by earning FREE air miles by using the right credit card) but as the same time experience Pia Mia where I had to rush here and there doing unproductive work wasting energy and sometimes shit happens…… is the way of the Tao, the proper’ way of existence through actual living experience of one’s everyday being.

Last but not least, the honest and nice people working at my Local Council which attended to my lost credit card shall be blessed with a wonderful life by God/Universe.