Wearing Mask The Right Way

Not too long ago Australia was opening up and thought they had managed to contain the covid-19 outbreak.

Well, Melbourne in the state of Victoria will be locked down again for 6 weeks!

It all started from people visiting each other’s homes in Melbourne, people under quarantine in hotels did not follow the rules, hotel staff were not taking the necessary precautions (they claim that they were not given enough training….. as if they don’t have common sense), and people returning from overseas can refuse covid-19 tests!!!

Australian Capital Territory now has 3 cases imported from Melbourne.

It is so bad in Melbourne that the states of New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania have closed their borders to Victorians. The last time New South Wales closed it’s border with Victoria was 100 years ago!!!

The point of the above statements are:

  • Even if the government were to allow us to go out, it does not mean that the virus has been eradicated and there is no risk of being infected by the virus. That’s why we are still under RMCO because the risk is still freaking high.
  • People returning from overseas are high risk. Remember the super smart GLC guy who went to Shanghai and spread the coronavirus to many people. And his excuse is the government did not ban him from going to Shanghai…. as if he has no common sense when it was reported all over the news that China is experiencing an  outbreak.
  • People are stubborn and think they are invincible therefore they won’t be infected.

Now, when anyone returns from overseas to Malaysia, they are no longer sent to an approved quarantine centre but they are to self-quarantine at home………… as if they or the people living in the same house will. Imagine a person returning from overseas and staying with 8 other people (parents, older married brother,  sister-in-law, brother’s 2 children, younger brother in his 20s and another brother who is 18 years old) in the same home…… you telling me all of them will not go out for 14 days?

When I use My Sejahtera App to enter OCBC Bank last week, it was stated that the risk of being infected was HIGH! Same thing, yesterday when I went to a mall and scanned the QR Code using MySejahtera App, it was stated that the risk was HIGH!

Well, My Sejahtera App has warned me that going to the bank and the mall is HIGH RISK. But I still go…….. so if I catch the virus in the bank or the mall, is it my fault? Of course it is my fault because the government approved App has told me that it is HiGH RISK but I am still stubborn and stupid to go there!

Only yesterday (7th July), it was reported that there were 2 cases of local transmission, one in KL and one in Selangor! What this means is that the virus is still infecting people silently. So unless everyone is tested, we cannot guarantee that we are safe.

I know, everyone now goes out as if it there is no pandemic despite warnings by WHO. Even our Cabinet Minister encourages us to go to the cinemas. But luckily we Malaysians are kiasu and therefore protect ourselves by wearing masks when we go out. This is because there are no stupid people in Malaysia where everyone go to Universities, as Tun M said, and we all know the smart and right thing to do….. or because we are obedient and follow the government’s instructions.

So below are parts (italic) taken from a report at news.com.au titled Victoria coronavirus: Melbourne residents urged to wear face masks – on how to wear a mask correctly. My comments are in blue:

Isolation, physical distancing, and regularly washing your hands is more effective at reducing transmission than masks. Furthermore, it must be made very clear – masks are NOT a silver bullet, particularly when not worn correctly.

Yes, staying at home and not coming into contact with anyone is the best!

“If masks are worn, it is vitally important to learn how to properly fit and wear masks.”

If and only if you absolutely need to go out, then you must wear a mask correctly and not just wearing one because our government said so. If you look at some of the photos in the media, you can see our so called leaders wearing the mask below their nose………. might as well not wear one!


“Always wash your hands before applying a mask, and strap the mask behind your ears. Masks must cover the mouth and nose.

Yes, your hands must be clean before wearing a mask.

Once you are outside the, the virus may be stuck to your mask. So do not touch the outer side of the mask!

So, you better not take off your mask and then put it on and take it off and put it on…… if you do this, you may contaminate the inside of the mask and then the virus gets to infect you!


“Make sure the mask is fitted tightly,’’ Dr Bartone said.

A loose mask is ineffective.

If your mask is not tight, then the virus can enter from the sides!!! This is where disposable masks are lousy as most are not tight and there are gaps on the sides.

N95, P95 and KN95 masks are designed to fit your face properly so that there are no gaps to allow any germs to enter into your nose or mouth.

So make sure you wear a mask that has no gaps at the sides.

Other important things you must do and know:

Do not remove your mask if you are within 1.5 metres of other people.

Do not use masks while exercising.

Do not wear a mask that is damaged, wet, or old.”

“Masks are not a panacea. There must also be hand hygiene, cough etiquette, and compliance with public health orders. Complacency with mask use can be more dangerous than not wearing them,’’ he said.

So Bros and Sis, if you are wearing those disposable masks, take a look at the mirror and see if you are wearing it correctly, i.e. make sure there are no gaps. One way to know if your mask is ineffective is if you can smell someone who just farted after eating durians….. if this is the case, you better get a better mask that fit tightly on your face.

Last week, I shared a washable Antivirus Mask by Prolexus called ProXMask V90 that claims to kill viruses and has 5 Layers.

So what is so good about the ProXMask V90 mask? Well, it fits tightly to your face. And more importantly it claims to kill virus!!! If this is true, we don’t have to worry when we touch the outer side of the mask…. we can take it off and put it on without any worries….. subjected that your hand have not touched any other thing.