Don’t Be Stubborn But Listen To Your Mother

When you were young, I am pretty sure you were taught by your mother that you are not to talk to strangers.

But yet I am pretty sure that you have answered numerous calls from strangers offering this and that. Why you so stubborn and never listen to your mother?

Most of the time, when we get a call from someone who is not a close family member, it means more work for us.

How often you get a call from someone telling you that he/she is buying you lunch? Even if they want to buy you lunch there is a reason as to why they want to meet up.

I just read another report yesterday that a teacher was scammed RM1,000,000 (click here to read it). Only few months back there was another report that a teacher was scammed.

I myself get calls non-stop from scammers claiming to be from the bank or authorities (BNM, Police and even IRB) overseas calls or even automated call asking me to press this and that.

Some of the calls may have been genuine desperate insurance agents or bank executive/telemarketers trying to hit their monthly sales quota. However the banks, police and BNM keep telling us not to talk to any stranger over the phone.

I tell you, BNM should issue a directive to all banks and insurance companies that all telemarketing are to stop immediately and then issue a public notice that banks’ agents and insurance agents are not to call us to promote or sell any product so that everyone knows that when they get a call from someone who claims he/she is from the bank or insurance company, it is a scam!

I tell you, in order not to fall into any traps/scams, don’t even answer any calls from any unknown number, i.e. any number that is not in your Contact List.

Having said the above, some stupid contest will call you to ask a simple question…… so if you are entering any contest, read the TnC and check when they will call you, usually a week or 2 after the contest has ended. I hate this type of contests. The good thing is nowadays most of the credit card contests are auto enrollment where we do not need to SMS to register.

Many of you would have installed True Caller which tells you if a call is a spam or the name of the person calling you. But since it is an App, True Caller is collecting data from us too.

But did you know that your Samsung Phone may have the same feature as True Caller? It should be auto activated if you have switch on Caller ID.

Samsung Smart Call 1

Samsung Smart Call Spams Scams 2

And if you do get a suspicious or fraud or scam call, report it so that another person won’t be conned. If you do not do so, it means you are a selfish a$$hole!

Samsung Smart Call Spams Scams 3

I do have the above Samsung Caller ID and Spams activated in my Samsung Phone. However, sometimes the SCAM Warning will not show up the first time (I wil ignore most calls from unknown numbers) but only if the scammer calls again then it shows a warning.

How to check if you have activated the Spam Warning In You Samsung Phone

Step 1 – Click on the Phone App Icon

Samsung Smart Call Caller ID Spams Scams 1

Step 2 – Once in are in the Phone App click Menu on the left side and then click Settings

Samsung Smart Call Caller ID Spams Scams 2


Step 3 – Activate Caller ID and Spam

Samsung Smart Call Caller ID Spams Scams 3

Samsung Smart Call Caller ID Spams Scams 4

Older Samsung phones may not have the option above….. so before you buy your next phone, check if it has the above Scam Detection built in.

Seriously, nowadays most calls from UNKNOWN numbers (i.e. not saved in our Contact List) are con jobs. This is because almost everyone use WhatsApp including my mother, hahaha.

So much so, now there are many scams involving WhatsApp.

If you do get a WhatsApp message or call from an Unknown number – 99% it is a scam.

Just like for emails where you have been told for years never to click on any links, you should also never click on any links in your WhatsApp especially if it is from an UNKNOWN source. Or you have a friend that is crazy forwarding you messages all the time including videos, also delete their messages without reading them…. or just block that irritating person.

The links in the WhatsApp may direct you to another site OR WORST install a programming code/virus to steal your data from your phone!

My advise to you is that whenever you get a message at WhatsApp from an Unknown number, you are NOT ONLY TO DELETE IT OR BLOCK IT BUT REPORT IT AS SPAM to WhatsApp.


Always report Scams or Fraud so that others will be aware. Once again, report Spams at WhatsApp or other Messaging App. Block all suspicious calls and also from people who irritates you, hahahaha.

I have blocked/set to SPAM so many people who suka-suka disturbed me at my FB Messenger that nowadays I get very little SPAM, hahaha.

If you are stubborn or a penyibuk where you must answer a call from a stranger, make sure you never disclose any personal information to anyone over the phone. If the person claims that he/she is from the authorities, also never disclose any personal information. And if someone ask you to do this and that which involves money over the phone then it is 101% a scam.

I also read something very interesting at The Star – Book-smart ones more likely to fall for scams (click here to read it).

It is the smart ones that kena con…. which is not surprising because they are the ones with tons of money.

Below are parts taken from the above report:

Chong, who has helped countless people, said he noticed that scam victims were usually educated or were professionals.

“They are very trusting towards strangers and tend to get easily cheated.

“They only come to their senses when they have lost a lot of money.”

“They put too much trust in strangers because they don’t expect people to stoop so low as to cheat them,’’ he added.

Most of you are well aware of scams but your loved ones who may be highly educated may not. So warn your parents, spouse, siblings and loved ones………………. or just share this post and tell them to read it!

If you are a mother, it is now your duty not only that you are to tell your children not to talk to strangers on the streets but also on the phone AND especially online including ignoring messages from strangers at their Social Media Apps.

Dear Bro & Sis, before you post photos of your children at any Social Media App, please note that whatever photos you share may fall into the wrong hands. If your Social Media App is not private but open to the Public, I strongly suggest you do not post photos of your children. Having said this, even if your Social Media is Private where only selected people can view it, the photos of your children will be stored somewhere on earth and can be used by someone in the future for whatever reason.

It is your right to post or share whatever photos of yourself online BUT NEVER share your child’s photo with the Public. You have no right to post photos of your children…. would you be happy to know you parents posted your photo online when you were a kid?

Last but not least, with the Covid-19 crisis, we need to answer the phone because a place/outlet we have visited may have been contaminated with the damn virus. Just remember if the call has something to do with money [e.g. winning a contest, offering Personal Loans, Restructuring of Debt, caller claiming to be from Bank Negara Malaysia or even the Police (they will always ask you to go to the Balai to record your statement and never over the phone), IRB (LHDN – they will give you official letter and never contact you on the phone), asking for One Time Password because of this or that, etc] it is a scam.