Lazada Samsung Official Store Flash Sale

If you are a follower of mine, you will know I have many SIM cards for this and that and I carry 3 Dual Sim smartphones.

Recently I shared with some of you guys that I had enough Boost Coins to redeem a Xiaomi phone but I did not because I no longer trust Xiaomi Mi phone quality.

Few years back I had a Xiaomi Note and one day it just went kaput. So I bought another Mi phone, i.e. Android One, which has 2 cameras but the quality of the photos are damn lousy.

And recently my Xiaomi Mi Android One has been giving me problems where it would hang all the time and I have hold the power button for a long time to force it to reset. This is the phone I use to constantly update my air miles disciples who still need to be spoon fed and also for them to contact me. Therefore it is imperative that it is working perfectly.

On the other hand, I have another 2 Samsung phones which I bought earlier compared to the Xiaomi Mi Android One mentioned above and they are still working perfectly fine and never gave me any issues. And I am very happy with the Samsung Camera especially photos taken with my Note Fan Edition.

So I was looking for a cheap entry level phone to replace my Mi Android One, so that my disciples and I can contact each other anytime without fail, and found one that I like, i.e. Samsung Galaxy M31 with 128GB memory and best of all 6000 mAh Battery!!! The official retail price of this phone is RM1,099.00.

While I was checking out Shopee and Lazada couple days ago, I found out that Samsung Official Store will be having a Flash Sale starting from today for the Samsung M11, M21 and M31. And since it is from Samsung Official Store, we are guaranteed a new set with Samsung Malaysia warranty.

The Samsung Galaxy M21 also has 6000 mAh battery but the memory is 64GB. Nowadays everyone send us photos and videos via WhatsApp or whatever and we need tons of memory if we are lazy to delete them. Therefore I decided to opt for the 128GB Samsung Galaxy M31.

Samsung Official Store Flash Sale

So from the above, we can save RM170 from the Official Retail Price for the Samsung Galaxy M31.

So if you are looking for an Entry Level phone where you do not need fast processing power for games or videos but has a 6.4″ screen, the above mentioned Samsung Flash Sale is pretty good. However I recommend that you get either the M21 or M31 because the with the 6000 mAh battery, the phone can last at least a day before it needs to be recharge.

Once again, the Lazada Samsung Official Store Flash Sale for the M11, M21 and M31 ends today (6th August 2020) at 11.59 pm.

Now, if you do not buy the phone above, you will be saving 100% 🙂