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Alliance Bank Credit Card FREE Taxi Ride To Airport

I have been holding the Alliance Bank Privilege Banking Visa Infinite credit card for years, which is FREE FOR LIFE since I have Privilege Banking Status, but have not used it even once in the last few years.

This year someone from Alliance Bank called me and claimed that I failed to settled my Alliance Bank Statement Balance before the Due Date. He then wanted to perform verification over the phone BUT heck no way I am going to disclose my Personal Information to a stranger. He was kind of pissed off that I refused to entertain him.

After I ended the call, I immediately called Alliance Bank Customer Service and it was true that I did not settle my Statement Balance before the Due Date and it is all the PH government’s fault!!! You see, I was imposed the SST of RM25, hahahaha.

After the above incident, I immediately went to Alliance ATM and deposit RM50  so that I do not need to worry about next year’s RM50 SST. I have also since then signed up for Alliance Bank Online Account so that I can view all my accounts with them, hahaha.

Finally, I might be able to use my Alliance Bank Privilege Banking Visa Infinite because they now have a promotion running until end September where I may be able to earn up to RM80 cash back. I mentioned “may” because as usual, we need to read the Terms and Conditions.

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