Samsung Note 10 Lite

I have been using a Samsung Note FE (Fan Edition) as my main phone for more than 3 years and pretty happy with the quality especially the videos and photos. Bought it for less than RM2K back then. However, with 64GB ROM, I am running out of memory! Therefore I have to keep deleting undesired photos and videos sent via WhatsApp Groups haha.

All my YouTube videos up to now have been taken with the Samsung Note FE.

Back in the mid 90s, I would not hesitate to buy the latest phone that is more than my monthly salary costing up to RM5K, e.g. Nokia 8810, NEC Stealth and Motorola flips. I even lost a new Motorola StarTac on the same day I bought it because it was so freaking small and light! The reason why I could simply burn money in the mid 90s was back then I was earning FREE money daily from the stock market.

Nowadays, I no longer pay more than RM2K for a phone because I have come to realized it is a waste of money…… buy the latest current phone today and it becomes obsolete tomorrow! On the other hand I have no issues buying for my wife and daughters Apple iPhones since they are Apple Fans.

I have been eyeing the Samsung Note 10 Lite for a couple of months. Why? The reasons are:

  • It has Dual Sim (my most basic requirement for a new phone);
  • I am happy with my Samsung Note FE camera;
  • It has 4500 mAh battery;
  • it has 128GB ROM;
  • NFC for Samsung Pay;
  • it comes with S Pen; and
  • and the most important thing of all, it has 3.5mm jack for wired earphones!!!

Yes, the most important thing to me is that I reckoned that the Samsung Note 10 Lite will be the last Samsung Note with 3.5mm earphone jack. I hate Bluetooth watches and earbuds because I need to charge them! As of now, I already have to worry charging my 3 smartphones, hahaha.

The official price of the Samsung Note 10 Lite is RM2,299. Well, you can now get the Samsung Note 10 Lite for just below RM1,800 at Lazada.

One seller is offering the Samsung Note 10 Lite at RM1,799 on 9.9 and you can get another RM9 off. But you can’t get the Auro Glow but only Red and Black for RM1,799.

Another seller is selling it for RM1,799 right now but no RM9 discount and there is a shipping fee. And just like the seller earlier, this seller also does not have stock for the Auro Glow.

So if you want the Auro Glow, you will have to get from other sellers and pay more. But seriously, once you have a casing, who cares what colour is the phone, haha. For RM500 less than the official retail price, any colour is fine with me 🙂

Both the sellers above stated that their Samsung Note 10 Lite comes with Samsung Malaysia 1 Year Warranty. This is super important if you want to use Samsung Pay Malaysia.

To learn more about Samsung Malaysia Phone and how to transfer data from your old phone to your new Samsung Phone, please click here to read my article titled My New Toy – Entry Level Samsung Galaxy M31 With 128GB And 6000 mAh Battery.

Last but not least, 5G is not expected to be around in Malaysia until year 2022, so by that time, the soon to be launched Note 20 will be obsolete as there will be a New Samsung Note 30 or even 40.

In respect to the above, it has also been announced that 3G will shut down by end 2021 which is bad news for many people as they will need to upgrade to a 4G phone next year. This really pisses me off as one of my phone is a 3G phone bought only couple years ago and is working perfectly fine!

Update 8th September

A Bro of mine also taught me how to pay even less at Shopee where a seller is offering the Samsung Note 10 Lite for RM1,799 too.

My Bro informed me that:

  • Follow the seller get RM5 voucher.
  • Get RM8 voucher for 9.9 event.
  • Get RM50 with Boost Coins

With the above can save RM63 and earn another RM17 from Shopee Coins from the purchase. Therefore effectively save/earn RM80!!!


I did get the Samsung Note 10 Lite on 9th September but not via Lazada but my usual phone dealer who agreed to see me the phone at RM1799. And before I even bought the phone, I order a Supcase for it, haha. Click here to see the Supcase casing for the Samsung Note 10 Lite and I really like it.