How To Change Your Name At Lazada With PC Or App

I tell you this Lazada really does not protect our privacy. You see, Lazada have introduced games to entice us to visit their sellers’ page where they will reward us with so called coins.

I keep getting strangers inviting me to me their Friends in my Lazada App. And I mentioned previously that this has opened up opportunity for scammers where one of them uses Big Pay’s Name and Logo!!!

If you have yet to read my article titled What You Must Do If You Use Your Credit Card At Lazada (or Shopee) Malaysia, I strongly recommend that you click here now and read it!

I tell you, Lazada has no security at all where anybody can use our credit card to purchase anything as with their own account!

Anyway, for your own good, you should change the name in your Lazada Account to protect your privacy…… and I have prepared a video to show you how to go about it using your PC/Notebook or App.

Click you to my YouTube Tutorial titled How To Change Your Name In Lazada Using PC or App to learn more.

Don’t worry, by changing your name at your Lazada Account will not in anyway affect the name you can set for delivery BUT whatever new name you select for your Lazada Account will appear everywhere in Lazada, i.e. Lazada Live, Lazada City and even emails from Lazada!

I tell you, if anyone hack into your Lazada Account and you have saved your credit card number, you will regret big time, so you better listen to me and delete all your credit card numbers saved in your Lazada Account or Shoppe or whatever – you have been warned.