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RHB New Dual Cards Visa Reward And Cash Back MasterCard Review 2018

RHB does offer many cash back credit cards but I find their cash back mechanism too complicated to keep track and therefore I am not bothered with them. Well RHB just introduced a new credit card combo called Dual Cards where one of them is a Reward Points Card and the other Cash Back Card. Hopefully this time the cash back is straight forward like the Maybank credit cards.

Before I proceed to review the NEW RHB Dual Cards, let’s check out the annual fees.

RHB Dual Card Annual Fee.jpg

Wah, the annual fee for the RHB Reward MasterCard Credit Card is damn freaking high at RM200!!! The Visa Cash Back Credit Card annul fee on the other hand is just RM70.

Wait, why is there 2 annual fees when RHB calls them Dual Cards? I guess it is not a single product like the Maybank 2 Cards Visa and AMEX. I guess the RHB Dual Cards are actually 2 separate products.

Review of the New RHB Reward MasterCard Credit Card

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