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Rolex GMT Pepsi – The Best Purchase I Ever Made In My Life So Far and It Is Back in Baselworld 2018!

My Rolex GMT Master Pepsi

If you have been following my blogs for years, you will know that I own one of the most sought after Rolex, i.e. GMT Master Pepsi in Stainless Steel. Prior to 2018, it was a collectors item. I bought my first Rolex when I was in my late twenties.¬† At that time we were in a recession (1997 – 1998) and Ringgit was weakening like nobody’s business. The watch cost more than my monthly salary; however, I had made lots of money as I had sold most of my shares just before the market collapsed. So I thought to myself back then, if I didn’t get a Rolex watch, with our Ringgit weakening day after day, soon a Rolex would eventually be beyond my reach. Today, a new Rolex 2 tone GMT Master II cost more than 3X (i.e. 300%) compared to what I paid about 20 years ago.

I tell you, the quality of Rolex  Stainless Steel watches are damn freaking good.

Below are photos of my Rolex GMT Master Pepsi Stainless Steel (Model No 16700) taken back in 2016, close to 20 years after I bought it and it still looks as good as new and works perfectly fine. I tell you, buying the Rolex Pepsi was the best thing I ever burned my money on as I can still use the damn watch after 20 years. I can’t say the same for the many notebooks, tons of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets that I had bought, where most are obsolete today.

GMT Master Pepsi

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