How To Superimpose An Image Into Any Background Using Windows FREE Preinstalled Paint 3D App

Today I am going to show you how to superimpose any image into any background that you desire using the FREE Paint 3D App/Software that comes with Windows!

I am sure you have heard of green screen. You can easily purchase a non-professional green screen set up for your home needs from Lazada for about RM100.

HOWEVER, a green screen is not necessary. It just makes it more convenient for editing. What is important for editing a photo/image is that there must be contrast between the subject and the background.

So today I am going to show you how you can superimpose any image/subject you want into any background by using the the FREE software that comes with Windows called Paint 3D.

Step 1 – Open Paint 3D by clicking on the Windows Icon at the lower left corner

Step 2 – Choose Your Background from the internet, Copy and Paste the Background into Paint 3D and then click on Canvas to Resize it. You can also open a file if you have a ready background image

Step 3 – Click on Menu at the upper left hand corner to Save (Save As) the Background image

Step 4 – Select Image To Be Superimposed Into Background. (i) click on MENU; (ii) click on Browse Files and (iii) Open File

Step 5 – Click on MAGIC SELECT an then click NEXT

Step 6 – ADD or REMOVE to Fine Tune

Step 7 – Click DONE when you have finished editing

Step 8 – Cut Edited Selection

Step 9 – Click on the Menu and then Browse Files and then select the BACKGROUND image

Step 10 – Once BACKGROUND IMAGE is opened click on Paste

Step 11 – Adjust the size of the IMAGE to be superimposed by dragging the corners. Drag the IMAGE to the location you want it to be superimposed. Zoom view if necessary

Step 12 – Click on Menu and then click on Save As and then click on Image. You will see the below image where you need to click SAVE again.

That’s it folks. Well actually, if you click on the MENU and the SAVE AS you will see that you can also create video/animation 🙂

The Paint 3D is pretty good just for fun and most important thing is – IT IS FREE!

I have also took a video of the above steps to give you a better understanding of the steps mentioned above. Click here to my YouTube video titled How To Superimpose An Edited Image Into Any Background with FREE Paint 3D App That Comes With Windows