Details On Many Different Online Scams Produced By Shopee So That You Can Educate Yourself

Today, scammers are getting more and more creative and the thing is many people fall into their traps because they did not bother to read the news, educate themselves by reading all the warnings whenever they log into their bank accounts online. And the joke is, these people are so called educated (that’s why they have money to be conned) and even educators, i.e. we keep reading teachers being conned.

Few days ago, I read a notification at Shopee warning about the different types of scams. I was impressed with the details and the effort taken by Shopee to warn their users.

However, some of you may not have received the notification at your Shopee App plus not everyone shops online with Shopee.

And when I visited Shopee website, I can’t find their excellent Safety Tips which was notified to me in my Shopee App.

So I thought I share it with you guys so that you are well informed and won’t be conned.

Now, all the different scams methods to be presented also apply to those of you who shop at Lazada or any online sites.

I will copy and paste Shopee’s excellent tutorial on Online Shopping Safety Tips below and I suggest you read every single one of them and don’t skip by thinking you are damn smart and won’t be conned.

As you can observed from the above image, Shopee has taken the trouble to compile and warn you of the many scams and I will copy each of them and republish them here for your benefit.

Scroll down and click on Page 2 for Scam No.1