Windows 10 Laptops That Cost Less Than RM3K With Microsoft Office Pre-Installed For Home And Students

With the lockdowns in 2020, many people had to work from home and therefore many had to purchase laptops or notebooks. And if you have young children, they also needed to have a computer in order to have lessons via video conference.

By now, most of you would have a notebook/laptop for your work and/or for your child’s education needs. But if you need a new computer, then this article may be of some assistance to you.

Apple notebooks are good as the battery last pretty long but they are costly. The cheapest latest MacAir cost more than RM4.5K. If you have 2 or more children, it is a substantial damage to your pocket.

Having said the above, some schools may just require that you child have an iPad. If this is the case, fantastic because an iPad battery is also very good and you do not have to worry about installing anti-virus and more importantly is it affordable. So before you buy a computer, check with your child’s school what is their requirements for video conferencing.

However, if the school insist that your child must have a Windows 10 notebook because you need to run a particular program, then most probably you will need Microsoft Office so that your child has access to a Word Processor to submit his/her essays/homework, which will add to the cost of the computer.

FYI, I have been using OpenOffice, which is totally FREE, for more than a decade and I introduced it to my ex-company where the account staffs just need a simple Spreadsheet and OpenOffice is more that adequate for their needs. BUT for your child’s case, it is better to have Microsoft Office so that when he/she sends his/her Word File to his/her teacher, the file can be opened and compatible with the teacher’s Microsoft Word.

So, in this article I am going to share with you 3 notebooks that have Mircosoft Office Pre-Installed, as such you no need to fork out a single sen more. However, you must install an Anti-Virus Prpgram if you are using a Windows computer.

I would strongly suggest you avoid any Intel Celeron notebooks because this said processor is damn slow. Minimum the notebook must have Intel Pendium or i3. And if you are looking at a computer with AMD Processor, it should be at least Ryzen 3 or 5. In other words, do not invest in a computer that cost less than RM2K!

Another thing, for storage medium, I strongly advise you get a computer with SSD. Yes you have less storage compared to Hard Drives but I tell you, if you have 1 TB data, it also means you have to waste lots of time in the future when you want to transfer all your files when it is time to change to a new computer. Anyway, nowadays external storage such as Pen Drive or SSD Card are really cheap.

Below is the SSD Card which I redeemed for FREE with Boost Coins and then bought a cheap casing for it.

With the above, I now present to you 3 notebooks that are sub RM3K. Please note that I am not promoting the Seller at Lazada called NBP but to show you indicative prices of the notebooks mentioned below. However, I can tell you this, you will pay less if you purchase the notebook with NBP at Lazada instead of Shopee because at Lazada you get the Seller’s Voucher whereas this is not being offered at Shopee.

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