FREE Money From Thin Air Thanks To Hotlink PrePaid

Previously I showed you that I can use my Hotlink Credit (where I will top up periodically in order to keep my prepaid account active) can be used to redeem Lazada and Grab cash vouchers.

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My Hotlink Plan is RED.

I did in another exclusive article highlighted the following:

Now, if you not a current Hotlink Red User, the new Hotlink Plans may not enable you to do what I have been doing, i.e. using my unused Hotlink Credit to purchase Lazada or Shopee cash vouchers. So you better study the new Hotlink Plans before getting one.

Anyway, early this morning I somehow tap on my Hotlink App and was surprised to learn that I can get FREE Petrol from Hotlink Rewards Spesel Hari Hari!!! This is really rojak langauge… Rewards is English, Hari-Hari is BM but Specel? I was taught in school that special in English when translated to BM is Istimewa. I tell you, at the rate BM is converting to English, might as well everyone just learn English!

Coming back to Hotlink, if I top up RM30 to my Hotlink, this will give me 30 days validity where I can then use the credit for emergency data when I need it. But most of the time the credit is unused. So I will then use the credit in my Hotlink to purchase Cash Vouchers at discounted price (e.g. Lazada or Grab)…. in other words the top up was FREE.

On the other hand, the Petronas cash voucher is really FREE where I do not even need to use my Hotlink Credit to earn the RM5 FREE Money!!! WOW! My Hotlink Red is super fantastic, better than any eWallet!!!

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