Public Bank Chinese New Year Red Packets 2021

A Bro who knows that one of my annual ritual is to publish an article on Ang Pows, asked me if I am collecting Chinese New Year Red Packets this year?

I told him because of the MCO I was too lazy to wait in the Qs at the banks. However, I have collected some red packets from HLB, OCBC and UOB.

He then asked me if I wanted Public Bank Ang Pows, of course I said YES. He was so kind and asked me how many I need 🙂

I must say the Public Bank Red Carpet Ang Pows paper is really good and best of all, it can be used for any occasion 🙂

For the normal Ang Pows, Public bank is really generous where there are 12 red packets per set.

So I thought before I present to you my annual CNY Ang Pow article, most probably next week once I have more Ang Pows to post, in the meantime I might as well show you a video of the Public Bank Red Packets (click here to watch the YouTube video).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Bro for thinking of me and giving me the Public Bank Ang Pows.