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My Credit Cards 2018 – Malaysia Best FREE FOR LIFE Cards

Another Personal Finance tutorial by GenX @

My Best Credit Cards 2018 600

In my FREE Credit Card Tutorial 2018 – CC101 (click here to read it if you have not), the first lesson I taught you was – Get FREE FOR LIFE CREDIT CARDS.

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Ang Kau Ang Pau Lai Lai Lai

Another Chinese New Year Red Packets Presentation by GenX @


Chinese New Year is just around the corner and as usual, I am pleased to present to you another of my annual ritual which is to share with you the Ang Pau or Ang Bao or Ang Pow packets I have collected from the banks. However, this year I was kind of lazy to drop by Affin Bank and Citibank to collect their red packets. I am flying off to Melbourne this weekend as my youngest daughter’s high school is starting next week.

Click here to read my article titled Ang Pow Lai at Ringgit Wise Fool where I posted photos of Chinese New Year 2011 red packets from banks. In this article, I mentioned that I finally understood why my uncles and aunties would want to give me money (i.e. Ang Pow) personally, as I now also find joy in sharing my wealth with my younger generations.

Click here to my article Dragon Ang Pow also published at Ringgit Wise Fool where I posted photos of Year of The Dragon Ang Bao from banks ( including Premier, Privilege and Priority Banking red packets ) and a very aggressive looking Dragon from Coach!

And in 2013, I was in Melbourne for Chinese New Year, as such I posted photos of 2013 Ang Pow at my facebook page instead, click here to see them.

In 2014, for the second time in my life, I celebrated Chinese New Year in Melbourne. Click here to see Chinese New Year 2014 Red Packets at Generations XYZ blogspot and see what I had for dinner on Chinese New Year Eve.

In 2015, I was in Melbourne again for Chinese New Year. However, without fail, once again I posted the And Pows I collected before I flew to Melbourne. Click here to see Chinese New Year 2015 Red Packets at Generations XYZ blogspot.

Ang Kau Ang Pau Lai Lai Lai GenX


ALLIANCE BANK ANG PAU – as usual, Alliance Bank red packets are nice and colorful.

Alliance Bank Ang Pow 2016

ALLIANCE BANK PRIVILEGE BANKING ANG PAO – I tell you, I don’t even know who is my Alliance Bank Relationship Manager as they keep changing. So, when I dropped by my Alliance Bank Branch to collect their Ang Pows, the person I spoke to was new to me and she was damn kedekut and only gave me 2 “mini boxes” of their PB red packets.

Alliance Bank Privilege Banking Ang Pow 2016

Inside the “mini boxes” are 2 different designs of Ang Paus. And without fail, the quality of Alliance Bank red packets are very good.

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OCBC Premier Voyage MasterCard Review

Another Credit Card Review by GenX @


In order to be eligible for the OCBC Premier Voyage MasterCard, you need to be an OCBC Premier Banking customer.

The OCBC Premier Voyage MasterCard is made from Duralumin. Well, I have no idea what the heck duralumin is? So I went googling and this is what I found:

Alloy. Duralumin, strong, hard, lightweight alloy of aluminum, widely used in aircraft construction, discovered in 1906 and patented in 1909 by Alfred Wilm, a German metallurgist; it was originally made only at the company Dürener Metallwerke at Düren, Germany.

Boy, from the definition above, duralumin is like ancient technology, hahaha.

OCBC Premier Voyage MasterCard Review


I shall now tell you the Pro (yes, just 1 pro) of the card – it’s for bragging rights, that’s all, hahaha.

And the Cons –

1. Annual fee RM848. What the hell? Why is there a No.4 present? This card is set to be doomed, hahaha. OCBC should have set the annual fee at RM818. There is no auto waiver mechanism. Even if you spend RM1,000,000 with the card, you need to pay the damn annual fee.

Well, you may argue that you can use your Voyage Miles to offset the annual fee. If this is the case, you are not getting the annual fee waived for FREE but actually paying for it in kind and lose the opportunity to redeem something else for FREE.

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