How To Save Money With Petronas Fuel Gift Card At Shopee

This article is the first part to show you that we can get discount for Petronas Fuel Card when Shopee is having a Sale (e.g. 4.4) and if you have an All Seller Shipping Voucher then the promo may be worthwhile because with the Maybank 2 Cards AMEX Gold or Platinum you can save another 5%

The second part is strictly for my Die Hard Followers who have been granted the privilege to have the April password.

Part 1 – Petronas Fuel Gift Card.

I have purchased this Petronas Prepaid Card before. In order that I will remember how much balance I have in the card, what I did was:

a. The first time I pumped, I preset the amount of RM30 at the pump terminal.

b. Same thing for the second time when I used the card, I once again present the amount to RM30.

c. So the third time I went to Petronas, I knew that I still had RM40 balance and therefore I used up the entire amount.

Step 1 – Search for Petronas Fuel Card at Petronas Official Store at Shopee.

As you can observed from above, the Petronas Gift Card is cheaper by RM4 but there is a Shopping Fee of RM3.80 and therefore it still ends up close to RM100.

Most of the time, we will get FREE Shipping Vouchers if we use Shopee Pay. BUT for my case, I would prefer to use my AMEX!

Step 2 – At Check Out, tap on Shopee Voucher to see if you have any applicable for the purchase.

Therefore, if you are like me, where you also want to use AMEX, then you will need a FREE Shopee Shipping Voucher FOR ALL SELLERS without the Shopee Pay words.

So with the RM4 discount for the Petronas Gift Card and FREE Shipping plus we can earn 5% cash back on weekends with the Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum Cards AMEX (5% x RM96), we can save RM8.80 in total.

Wait – you will also earn 96 Shopee Coins worth RM0.96, Therefore effectively you save like RM9.76.

Once again, the above Petronas Gift Card is from Official Store which makes a different compared to buying Petronas Gift Cards from third parties.

NOW – above about 10% savings is not as good as using Shopee Pay at Caltex where you can save 20% on Petrol!!! Click on the image below to learn more.

However for my case, I don’t pump at Caltex but I don’t mind Petronas as there are stations everywhere 🙂

PART II – Strictly for my Die Hard Followers who have been granted the privilege to have the April password.

Click here to read my article How I Earned RM33 Worth Of FREE Petrol With Shopee Coins And Maybank 2 Cards Platinum AMEX. In this article you see will be reminded again how you can save lots of money on your bills and maybe learn a thing or two.