Revision to Affin Bank Duo Visa Cash Back TnC

Effective 1st July, the cash back quota for the Affin Duo Visa was revised! Not even 1 year from the date it was launched!!!

Click here to read the Announcement

After reading the above, I am sure you are as blur as me, hahaha.

So click here to read the FAQ on the Revision

If you are still blur, basically it means – in order for the monthly cash back cap to be RM80, you need to spend RM3K in the previous statement cycle or else the cash back will be capped at RM50.

Below are examples from the FAQ

I tell you, instead of being straight forward, this Affin Bank is really getting ridiculous like HSBC and Citibank which mislead us into thinking we will 100% get what they advertise. Assuming every month I do spend RM3K but with the cash back still capped at RM80, it means I will be only earning 2.67% cash back, mana ada 3%???

Edited – A Bro and a Sis messaged me after I published this article to point out one will need to spend minimum RM3080 every month because one will also get cash back of RM80 and thus reducing the Previous Balance by RM80.

And then the Sis mentioned about SST too…. hahaha. Headache if you really want to calculate to the dot.

So what you should do in order to earn 3% cash back…. is just spend RM1,667 every month and earn RM50 !!! In other words if your insurance premium is below RM1667, then you will be earning 3% cash back 🙂

Anyway, click here to my YouTube for a quick review of the Affin Duo Credit Card if you are new to my blog.