My Disciple Live Travel Report September 2021 To London – Transit In Changi

One of My Air Miles Disciple flew to London in late September and gave me his report below:

Click on the image video the watch the video of his Buggy Ride and you will see that the terminal is lifeless 😦

GenX’s Comments:

I would like to thank the Bro who took the trouble to report his transit experience in Changi.

The Malaysia government on 10.10.2021 announced that Malaysians are allowed to travel overseas BUT based on the report from our Bro, maybe it is still not the right time to do so in October 2021. The Bro mentioned – “better think twice” and “travelling during these time super stressful”.

As of now, when we land in London, we are still required to be quarantined until we are tested negative from the 2 PCR compulsory tests.

And yes, you better check if the lounges are open because as of today, most is not all the lounges are closed in KLIA too.

Remember, as of October 2021, we are still required to be quarantined in the country we arrive and make sure your Travel Insurance covers Covid!

The good news is we will get to read our Bro’s Live Travel Report FIRST Class with Emirates soon 🙂