GenX Disciple’s Live Travel Report Emirates First Class October 2021

Previously I shared with you all that a Bro flew Business Class with Singapore Airlines to London, and he said it was stressful to transit at Changi. And you can also see yourself that Changi was kind of lifeless in October 2021. Click here to read My Disciple Live Travel Report September 2021 To London – Transit In Changi.

Well, the same Bro above just flew with Emirates First Class Europe to Dubai with his wife. He will stay a few nights in Dubai before returning back to Malaysia.

Below is the Bro’s Live Travel Report with Emirates First Class sent to my WhatsApp:

Emirates Lounge Athens, Greece

Emirates First Class

Click/tap on the image too see a short video on Emirates First Class uniqueness.

Dubai Airport

I would like to thank the Bro above for this Live Travel Report with Emirates First Class Europe to Dubai.

FYI, the Bro above is also the person who submitted the Live Travel Report with Qatar First Class.

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