The Best Ways To Burn Your KrisFlyer Miles

If you are like me where I have nothing to buy on 11.11 but want to be part of this said date which has now been used to entice consumers to spend and spend, I have several suggestions 🙂

And if you have KrisFlyer miles expiring soon, this is also a good time to burn them:

Option 1 – Non Spirits

Get the Pacsafe Tote for less than 10K KrisFlyer miles (excluding shipping).

Or if you too kedekut to buy a Ninento Switch with cash, you can get it for 52,450 KrisFlyer Miles (excluding shipping).

Both the above items can be delivered to Malaysia but you may need to pay import tax…. but then again your KrisFlyer miles are FREE so pay the import tax. Actually, the import tax is not an issue as it is just money but you may need to get SIRIM approval for electronic items which is a hassle.

Check out the video below where I did redeem the PacSafe Tote for my wife few months back:

Option 3 – Spirits

You must get both the Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique which won the World’s Best Whisky Award and Remy Martin XO too.

You will note above also shows Hibiki Harmony which is completely different from Master’s Select which has the same packaging! I tell you, even thought the Hibiki Harmony is not on sale, you better get a few bottles before they are no longer in production.

Anyway, click here to read Hibiki Japanese Harmony Master’s Select Airport Edition Versus Japanese Harmony – They Are Not The Same!

The bad news is – the spirits cannot be delivered to Malaysia but only Singapore address. Then again, most of us can easily resolve this as we know someone who resides in Singapore.

Above are nothing new as I have shared them before, the treasures are in Page 2!!!!

Scroll down and click/tap on Page 2 to see treasures at KrisShop while you still have the opportunity to do so!