Must Have Handbags For Women – Part 2

As you all know by now, Chanel increases the price of their bags several times per year. However Hermes as of date is more reasonable in terms of increasing the price of their bags. So much so, you can say that it makes more sense to get a Hermes compared to a Chanel today!!!

However, you can easily get a Chanel Classic Double Flap at a Chanel Boutique but it’s almost impossible to get a new Hermes Kelly or Birkin at an Hermes Boutique if you have no purchase/relationship records/history with Hermes.

Here is the thing, Chanel is for the mass market just like LV. You can see many ladies holding a Chanel bag on the streets in big cities but you do not see many carrying an Hermes. So in terms of exclusivity, Hermes is a class above Chanel.

If you ask me, Hermes is like Rolex. Not all Hermes bags appreciate in price in the second hand market just like not all Rolex watches can fetch a price higher than retail in the second hand market. However, if you build up a relationship with a Rolex dealer, you can get a Sports Model watch (e.g. Submariner or Daytona); same case for Hermes where you can also get a Kelly or Birkin if you have a relationship with an Hermes Boutique.

Having said the above, holding any Hermes Bag is like wearing any Rolex watch, where both gives the owner shiok sendiri sensations as they get to satisfy their deprivation after waiting for a longtime to get that exclusive item 🙂

So coming back to my wife, which bag did she want or none of the above? Well, I will tell you in Part 3 to be published soon.

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