Must Have Handbags For Women – Part 2

Previously, I mentioned that I am getting a handbag for my wife.

Click here to read Must Have Handbags For Women And It Can Be Even Better Than Investing In A Rolex Watch.

In the above said article:

  1. I mentioned that I only buy what my wife and children want as their birthday gifts to ensure that they use whatever it is that I am burning my money on.
  2. I was about to pay for a Hermes handbag but my wife decided that she did not want it!

In respect to the above, here is the story:

A few days ago, I went to Hermes with the intention of getting a handbag as a birthday gift to surprise my wife. So happened there was one Hermes handbag for sale and I thought the shape was nice and more importantly it was able to close fully to make it harder for pick pockets (I don’t like Tote Bags without zip at the top, e.g. LV Neverfull).

Since my wife was at home, I immediately called my older daughter to show her mother the Hermes bag I was purchasing, i.e. I asked her to go online and show a photo of the bag to her mum. I thought my wife would have been delighted and love me more; BUT NO, just when I was about to insert my Maybank Credit Card PIN number, she called me and said she did not want the bag!!!

The reason why she did not want the bag was not because of the shape or color but the size!!! To her, the size of the bag was too big for daily/normal use and she already has many large bags which she only uses as cabin bag when flying.

Well, good, with my wife not wanting the Hermes bag, I get to save some money on that day, haha.

In respect to the above paragraphs, that is why I went researching on smaller handbags (mini, small or medium) and produced the article Must Have Handbags For Women And It Can Be Even Better Than Investing In A Rolex Watch.

Well, I showed my wife the handbags that I have researched, i.e. Cartier Double C De, Dior Bobby and Gucci Diana. My wife did not say anything except that the Dior Bobby Bag was nice but she did not say that she wanted it! Like I mentioned earlier, I only buy birthday gifts that my wife wants. So the matter of getting a handbag for my wife was not resolved.

Yesterday after lunch, I wanted to take a nap, but before doing so, I asked my wife to call Hermes to see if they have new handbags in stock. So my wife “guai-guai” followed my instruction and was told that YES! The Hermes store she called had new stock and told my wife to go to the boutique to see them as they would not divulge the bag models.

So since I opened my big mouth, I had to get dressed and sacrifice my trip to dreamland.

Upon reaching Hermes, we were told the models available, and there were many different models.

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