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Be Kiasu And Get The Right Gear When You Travel

Once again many of you will be traveling here and there again.

Before I proceed, I would like to share a message of gratitude from My Project 0.0 + Air Miles + Project Health Disciple 🙂

Those of you who are in my Project(s) and read all my articles know that whatever I write and/or teach you is for your own benefit and not mine since I already know.

If you are a long time follower of mine, like the Bro above, you will know that I do not bull shit but state it like it is, e.g. playing cash back will not make your life better….. unless you follow My Engineered Hack To See Your Money Grow in order to get to shiok sendiri; but it will still never make your life any better.

Those of you who keep track of the cash back earned from your credit card on Excel, most probably 99% of you are just kidding yourself as the cash back you earned would have been instantly burned……..

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However, those who took the leap of faith to be my disciple when I offered them the opportunity; and then follow my instructions to the dot are sure to be blessed beyond their imagination.

So Bros & Sis, do not be stubborn but listen to me and after reading this article, go get a Pacsafe or Travelon sling bag that can always be in front of you and never leave your body until you are back in the hotel.

I tell you, if you are going to Europe, you must take all necessary precautions to protect your credit cards, phones and passport! If you lose just any one of these items, you will be in deep shit! If you lose all 3 of these said items, then you are as good as “hol-lan”. This is not a joke but I am serious.

The first thing I am going to tell you is to take a photo of your passport with your smartphone. BUT more importantly take a photocopy of your passport and keep it in a safe place and do not take it out of your hotel with you when you are holidaying. It would be best if you don’t even take your passport out – that is why it is super important that when you book a room, make sure there is a safe box for you to keep your passport.

Come to think of it, you can scan your passport and email it to yourself so that you have access to it wherever you are on planet earth.

So in the event you lose your passport while overseas, you can at least show a copy to the Malaysian Embassy or Consulate to get a new one.

If you are a long time follower, you may remember a Bro shared that he left his backpack containing 3 passports plus other stuff in a train while holidaying in Tokyo. He only realised that he left the backpack in the train after he alighted the train! Luckily he was one of my Project 0.0 and set intention that he will find the bag and miraculously he did!

In respect to the above, if he had kept the passports in the hotel room safe, even if he had not found his backpack, his lost wouldn’t make much of a difference to his life but in actual fact he would get to buy a new notebook and camera, haha.

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So if you can keep your passport in the hotel room safe, you are then left with 2 items that you should be worried about. These said two items, if you lose them due to whatever reason, it is not the end of the world but you would get a huge headache and it would spoil your entire holiday!

Here is another incident that a Bro experienced when he was in Europe. He unloaded his first luggage from the taxi while he was at an airport and somehow he put his phone on the luggage as he wanted to take the second bag out of the taxi…. it was only for a few seconds that he lost sight of his phone and next thing he knew, his new smartphone which he left on his luggage was gone!!!

I tell you, losing a smartphone nowadays is a big headache while overseas because we need to return to Malaysia to get a new SIM so that we can once again receive OTP for our banking transactions plus many other online accounts.

Another Bro was pick-pocketed while in London and only realized hours later but it was too late as his credit cards had been used to charge for more than RM40K!!! Not only that this incident ruined his holiday but he had a freaking huge headache when he returned to Malaysia where he had to “fight” for months with 2 banks on the fraudulent transactions as both the banks held him responsible for the more than RM40K transactions!!!

So Bros and Sis, when you are holidaying overseas, you must have a proper bag that gives you adequate protection where you will not leave it anywhere but always with you regardless if you are standing, walking, running, sitting, pissing or shitting!

I do not recommend that you put any important stuff in a backpack. Instead get an extremely light sling bag where it will always be in front of your body even when you are sitting down in a train or bus or car. But not just any sling bag; but a sling bag that is anti-theft, i.e. slash proof with a locking mechanism that will make a pick pocket think twice before targeting you.

Ladies, forget about LV or Chanel or even Longchamp, instead get yourself and your husband an anti-theft PacSafe or Travelon which are really light and more important the bag is able to always be in front of your body! Once again, never get a backpack to store anything important because then you have to remove it when you are sitting down in a train or bus or car!

If you are not familiar with Pacsafe or Travelon, just google lah!

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