My New Toy – Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster GMT World Time BJ7100-15L Blue Dial and Blue Strap Unboxing

Bros & Sis, last month I showed you my new toy – Made In Japan Seiko 5 GMT Batgirl.

Well, I just bought another Blue Dial GMT watch, but this time it is a Citizen and it is an Eco-Drive with World Time too 🙂

This is my second Citizen Eco-Drive watch. Click here to read Light Powered Citizen Eco Drive All Black Military Style Stealth Watch

I tell you, the Citizen Eco-Drive is a damn cool watch because it is light powered! You don’t even need sunlight!!! I bought my stealth Citizen back in 2018 and when I am not wearing it I would just leave it on a shelf in my room and the watch has never stopped ticking!!! The watch do not need sunlight but any light would be sufficient.

To be honest, if you ask me, the Citizen Eco-Drive is even better than an automatic Rolex; because a Rolex automatic watch will stop ticking after few days of not wearing it!!! In other words, the Citizen Eco-Drive is a more advance watch compared to my Rolex Pepsi!!!

The reason why I bought the Citizen Eco-Drive GMT was because it was a World Time watch!!! So with this watch I can check the time anywhere on planet earth – which I can also easily do using my smartphones, hahaha.

Yah, yah nowadays we don’t really need a watch as our smartphones can do much more. Watches are now toys for old man like me, play play a few days with the watch and then move on……..

My Citizen Eco-Drive BJ7100-15L GMT World Time cost me just slightly above RM1K from Lazada and paid it with AMEX 🙂

Seriously, RM1K for the Citizen World Time GMT Blue Dial with Blue Strap with advance technology Light Powered feature is freaking damn cheap compared to the Patek Philippe Complications World Time 5230P-001Blue Dial and Blue Strap which cost more than RM300K.

Of course lah Citizen cannot compare to Patek which is exclusively for the filthy rich and it is really a wonderful piece of human ingenuity. But if you are like me, where instead of using a smartphone, I would rather exercise my brain to determine the time of some place on earth, the Citizen World Time watch is a nice toy to play play 🙂

Without further ado, I present to you the Unboxing of My New Toy – My New Toy – Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster GMT World Time BJ7100-15L Blue Dial and Blue Strap

Bubble wrapped 🙂
Box in a box
The black box is kind of nice
Side view of the watch
Back view of the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster GMT World Time

One thing I must say is the GMT 24 hours hand (yellow) is good as one look and you will know the time.

And from the photos above, you can observe that the strap is pretty unique where it is a hybrid/ombination of silicon and canvas!

Anyway, now I have something to do, i.e. go figure out how to use the world time dial and what is needed to adjust for Daylight Saving for places which do adopt it.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster GMT World Time Movement is Made in Japan.

I do think My New Toy Blue Dial and Blue Strap is really nice 🙂