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Secret To Eternal Happiness

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Many of you have thanked me for my articles which have provided insights as to how you can save/earn some pocket money. In my all my articles there are coded messages for you to decipher; and in one of them, I indicated that all of you (except maybe a minority few of you who are currently students) fall into the category of the 50% richest human beings on earth since you are all educated. Actually, I have even showed that many of you are already (or will be by the time you retire if you do not stupidly burn your money on gambling/gaming and drugs) in the category of the top 10% wealthiest human beings on earth. And if you own a bungalow in Klang Valley or Penang Island, most likely you you can be classified as among the top 1% wealthiest person on earth!

Sad to say, whatever pocket money you earn/save from reading my articles relating to credit cards will be insignificant in due time as they will not contribute to your long term happiness.

Having said the above, those of you who have been brainwashed by me to spend your children future inheritance on holidays with your loved ones and/or get to fly Business Class for FREE from you credit cards usages will be most grateful to me when you are old and lonely.

I have decided to compile all my posting relating to Life published in my A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That series in a single post; as such this post was created.

Before you proceed to read the contents below, I must warn you not to waste your time; and those of you without any sense of humor may find it to be offensive, too. Only proceed if you are really kiasu, freaking free, got nothing better to do and have an equally sick imagination like me……….. Contents Rated XXXXXXXXX – not for general public consumption, only for penyibuks (busybodies) and people who has an equally sick imagination like me………. And, yes, feel free to click on the links 🙂

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The contents below were first published on 15th Dec 2013 at my article titled AGAIN – A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That – Volume I, Chapter II.

LIFE (oh boy, here I go again) AND AFTER LIFE – HEAVEN OR HELL

Sometime ago, I mentioned that I have been thinking about what is life again. Previously I said Life is all about Eating, Shitting and Sleeping. Anything else we do is just to seek temporary happiness.

Click here to read my article Life – What It’s All About, Pay Now with Credit Cards Earn Later or Save Now for Retirement,

Many do not find happiness on planet earth and die unhappy. Some seek meditation to find peace. In my case, I can enter into my sick imaginary realm anytime of the day.

However, I need to be out of my sick imaginary realm most of the time to eat and shit and to satisfy my desire for unlimited real taste of temporary happiness (a.k.a. “shiok sendiri”).

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