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Hawker Chan – World’s Cheapest Hawker Meal with Michelin Star Is In Melbourne

The world’s first hawker to be awarded a Michelin Star – Hawker Chan, has opened an outlet in Melbourne in late 2017. I went to check it out today and I must say that they truly deserve One Michelin Star. I ordered the 3 meat platter (roast pork, spare ribs and char siew)  and Hor Fun separately. I tell you, the Hor Fun is so delicious by itself that I can have it kosong without the meat!!! As for the meat, I really like the pork ribs.

I did ta pau their Soya Sauce Chicken with Rice for my daughter and it cost only AUD6.80 – one of the cheapest meals you can get in Melbourne Central Business District!

And best of all, Hawker Chan is like 5 minutes walk from my apartment. I tell you, Hawker Chan is now my new favorite place to makan in Melbourne, hahahaha.

Hawker Chan Melbourne 10

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