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PacSafe Wallet Versus Louis Vuitton Wallet – I Tell You, Better You Get The PacSafe Wallet

Not long after I fired my boss and became a bum on 1.1.11, my wife bought a Louis Vuitton Wallet for me and that is why I know my LV wallet is about 8 years old; but, it still looks good! I can safely vouch that LV canvas wallets are really durable and worth every sen.

Below are photos of my 8 years plus LV canvas wallet.

Louis Vuitton Wallet 1

Louis Vuitton Wallet Rear 2

Louis Vuitton Wallet Inside 3


As you can see from the above photos, the LV wallet is really durable. I have been using it every single day for the last 8 years! However. there is a BIG con about the LV wallet, it is not RFID safe!!!

I do have an Aluminum Wallet for my credit cards with PayWave but I mostly keep cards that I don’t use in it. On the other hand, my main credit cards which I frequently use are kept in my LV wallet. Therefore, if someone steals the info from my credit cards using a RFID reader, I will end up with a freaking huge big headache! The total combine Credit Limit of my main credit cards in my LV wallet is more than enough to go buy a new MB or BMW!  Oh yes, you can pay in full for a BMW with a credit card just like I did for mine (where I used my AMEX Reserve and earned a FREE First Class return ticket to Europe!).

So recently i finally bought a RFID Safe Wallet 🙂

PacSafe RFIDsafe Z50 RFID Blocking Tri-Fold Wallet

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