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AEON Kredit GenX GenY GenZ Platinum & Why You Should Get An AEON Credit Card

Another quality ARTicle & Tutorial by GenX @ http://www.GenXGenYGenZ.com

This post has two parts:

The AEON Kredit GenX GenY GenZ Credit Card is an ARTicle and April Fools’ Joke.

Part II – You can pay AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad’s credit card bills with another credit card is not an April Fool Joke but a credit card tutorial. Update 2017 – many people have reported that they could no longer pay their AEON Credit Card Bill via POS Online.


Sometime in early March 2016, I received a message via Facebook from Ms. Hinata Shiro claiming to be from AEON Kredit (M) Co. Ltd. I wasn’t sure if the message was genuine or not because I have received several fake messages (at LYN and Facebook) from people claiming to be so and so. Anyway, below is the facebook message (click here if you need to enlarge the image):

Facebook Hinata Shiro

Before I proceed, I would like to make a Community Service Announcement:

If you are a regular reader of mine, in the past I have “begged” you guys to donate to me RM11.18 or USD1 via PayPal at genxgenygenz@hotmail.com as contribution to the maintenance of my dotcom blog. Guess what, I received an email at genxgenygenz@hotmail.com claiming to be from PayPal telling me that the account has been suspended (or something like that) and that I need to verify it immediately by clicking on a link in the email. Well, it’s a fake message because PayPal would never contact me at genxgenygenz@hotmail.com as my main Pay Pal account has another email address. Even if a payment was made to my genxgenygenz@hotmail.com PayPal SUB-Account, PayPal would only sent an email to my actual PayPal Main-Account to notify me of a payment and never to my Sub-Account.

What the above shows – there are scammer reading my posts!!! Therefore, if anyone contacts you and claim that they are me, GenX, it’s 100% fake. FYI, because my Facebook Account is categorized as Community, I cannot Private Message you unless you initiate the contact, i.e. you Private Message me first. For the record, I do not have a personal Facebook Account – remember this.

And also FYI, don’t email me at genxgenygenz@hotmail as I never read the emails there.

So for you guys with PayPal accounts, please take note of the above and never click on any email claiming to be from PayPal asking you to log in via link(s) provided. Always open a new browser window and then go to PayPal website and log in from there. Always be kaisu when it comes to matters relating to your money. Click here to read my article Credit Card Tutorial 2018 on Fraud and SMS Alert.

Coming back to Ms. Hinata Shiro, well, she did call me back after I gave her my handphone number to reconfirm the meeting… and the conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello.

Ms. Shiro: Good day Gen X San, my name is Hinata from AEON Kredit again. How are you Gen X San? I am calling to reconfirm the appointment on 19th March 2016.

Me: Hi Hinata, I’m fine thank you. Why your boss want to see me, what’s his name again?

Ms. Shiro: Futagi San, he wants to thank you and on behalf of AEON Kredit and he wants to repay our gratitude to you by buying you dinner.

Me: Huh? I don’t understand.

Ms. Shiro: He will explain to you when both of you meet up as agreed on the 19th of March at Zipangu.

Me: Okay (still blur).

Ms. Shiro: Thank you Gen X San and see you soon. You have a pleasant day.

Me: You are Japanese right, why you speak like an American?

Ms Shiro: I studied in USA.

Me: Where, which Uni?

Ms. Shiro: GenX San, I went to Yale where I did my undergraduate in Business and then MBA there too.

Me: WOW! You must be really smart, why you PA to a GM?

Ms. Shiro: It’s because of our family history with AEON where all my family members are expected to serve AEON. And due to our corporate culture, everyone starts at entry level positions and work our way up via various departments to gain experience. I am honored that my HQ assigned me to Malaysia and to assist Futagi San.

Me: OIC. Okay, bye.

Ms. Shiro: See you at 8pm on 19th March. Good bye.

Now,  you may be wondering why I was so trusting to give out my handphone number to Hinata. Well, when she messaged me, the location of the meeting with her boss is at Zipangu Japanese restaurant, Shangri-la Hotel. As such, my instinct told me that the message must be real, moreover I do enjoy the food at Zipangu and got FREE dinner, sure lah I go…. worst come to worst, I buy dinner for myself, hahaha. You must try the Grilled Salmon Belly at Zipangu which goes really well with the garlic fried rice 🙂

Another reason why I believed that Hinata’s message and call was genuine was because I have worked with Japanese Executives while I was a Consulting Engineer and I tell you it was common to have dinner while we discuss our work.


The dinner was at 8pm on a Friday night, as you guys are fully aware, that’s the worst time of the week to be on the road. So, I went to KLCC at 4pm and watched Ola Bola. The movie brought back some fond memories as I did watch the actual game on TV where James Wong scored the goal that qualified Malaysia to the 1980 Olympic; and I was so proud of our national football team that day. Those were the good old days and some of the fantastic players that I still remembered are Santokh Singh, Soh Chin Aun, R. Arumugam, James Wong, Hassan Sani, Shukor Salleh and Jamal Nasir. Of course, the greatest footballer in Malaysia is none other than Mokhtar Dahari, he’s my favorite and I would be glued to the TV whenever there is a live telecast of him playing.

Anyway, after the movie, I hung around KLCC and headed to Shangri-la at about 7.15 pm and arrived at Zipangu 10 minutes before 8pm. To my surprise, Ms. Hinata was standing at the entrance. I could recognize her pretty face from her Facebook Profile, she was slim with shiny long black silky hair (as if she just came out from a hair salon) dressed in a black jacket, white blouse and knee length black skirt with 3 inch heels. I tell you, she was very fair and complexion was flawless (nowadays young girls are so freaking good with their make up skills to enhance their looks; but I believe Hinata’s skin is naturally flawless for her current age). Boy, I wouldn’t mind having her as my Personal Assistant, pretty, smart and courteous, hahaha.

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