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AEON BiG Gold & Classic Visa Credit Card Review

Another Credit Card Review by GenX @ http://www.GenXGenYGenZ.com


I often get messages from people asking me what credit cards are good based on their spending pattern instead of simply asking what’s the best credit card. This is indeed good as it shows that my FREE articles/tutorials have somewhat taught others that no 2 credit cards are the same and one needs to have the right card to earn some meaningful returns based on his/her own spending pattern.

And if someone gives me the breakdown of their monthly expenses and have done some homework to identify cards that may benefit them, I’m more than happy to assist them further for FREE.

The best are the ones who use the info I have provided in my articles and then go do further research on the card, e.g. by calling Customer Service or reading the T&C, and then message me to let me know their findings (and even correcting my mistakes) so I can share with others ๐Ÿ™‚

And what I appreciate most is when someone selflessly takes the trouble to share detailed information that benefit everyone. For example, below is what Sherine Lee commented at my Facebook Page recently back in January 2016 when I published my Top 10 Credit Cards in Malaysia – Episode III:

“Hi would u consider aeon big credit card? I think it’s a good entry level credit card as the gold card give 6X plaza lounge access, up to 15% for Aeon big grocery purchase, and 2% cash back for overseas and online purchases. So far I had been quite happy with the card”.

In my reply to Sherine Lee’s comment, I mentioned that I will look into the card after I return from Melbourne.

Well, I did look into the AEON Big Credit Card and to my surprise, the AEON Big Credit Card is indeed a freaking good credit card. If anyone were to ask me now – “what is The Best Credit Card to use at AEON Big? The answer will be the AEON Big Credit Card!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sherine Lee for teaching me about the AEON Big Credit Card ๐Ÿ™‚

AEON credit cards are mostly entry level credit cards, but this does not mean that they are useless. In actual fact, AEON credit cards are packed with really good benefits, e.g. FREE access to Plaza Premium Lounges nationwide (AEON Gold Credit Card Visa and MasterCard) and meaningful cash back ( click here to read my review of the AEON Watami Visa Credit Card which earns you 3% cash back for any type ofย  transactions including online except for Petrol).

Now I am going to present to you a freaking long review of the AEON Big Visa Credit Card,ย  just kidding…. it’s kind of short for my standard, hahaha.

AEON Big Gold Classic Visa Cash Back Credit Card


Annual Income Requirement: RM24K for Classic and RM36K for Gold.

Annual Fee: Waived with 12 transactions per year.

AEON BiG Member Card: Upon signing up for the AEON BiG Visa Credit Card, you will be issued an AEON Big Member Card that earns you BiG Points which you can use to redeem for Cash Back at AEON Big Cashier Counters. 1000 BiG Points – RM1 Cash Rebate. Consider the AEON BiG Points as bonus to the “real” cash back benefit mentioned below.


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