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Rolex Part VI – My Son’s New Rolex GMT Master II Yellow Rolesor 116713LN versus My Rolex Pepsi 16700


While my eldest son was in the USA pursuing his undergraduate Engineering Degree from a Top 10 USA Engineering Uni, I did buy him a preowned sports car (of course paid in full using his Supplementary Maybank Visa Infinite). I did burn up lots of his future inheritance while he was still pursuing his Bachelor and Master USA Degrees. For his undergraduate graduation gift, I even gave him a Business Class ticket LA to KL (of course compliments from Maybank Credit Cards where that time MAS was flying to US).

Back in 2015, I was extremely lucky to have secured a Rolex Batman at official retail price just before the 6% GST was introduced. The Rolex Batman was a gift to my eldest son because he made me very happy when he finally listened to me and enrolled into a world’s top 50 Med School to pursue a post graduate Medical Degree (M.D) in Australia after graduating from an Ivy League Uni in USA with a Masters Degree in Engineering. FYI, after his SPM, I told him to enter Med School but he refused, so I sent him to USA at the age of 17 to pursue an Engineering degree. Now, I get to tell him – “I told you so”, hahaha. Then 2 years ago, I bought him a new limited edition Honda in Australia (also paid in full with his Supp MBB VI) as he needed to travel to hospitals as part of his M.D. traning program.

As for my second son, I have yet to buy him a car and I doubt I will be buying him one anytime soon as I have 4 cars in KL and a Mazda CX9 which I hardly use in Melbourne. My second son hardly spends any money because he is a computer gaming addict and all he does is stay at home and play games when he is not attending classes at his Uni!!! But he listens to me and agreed to pursue a Master Degree next year. So, for my second son’s 21st Birthday and also as a gift for him graduating end of this year from a world’s top 100  university (ranked No.1 in Australia), I decided to get him a Rolex watch.

Actually, for my second son’s 18th birthday, I offered to give him my Rolex Pepsi but he did not like it!!! So, I bought him a Limited Edition Bell & Ross GMT where only 50 pieces were produced on planet earth, please refer photo below:



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