Rolex Part VI – My Son’s New Rolex GMT Master II Yellow Rolesor 116713LN versus My Rolex Pepsi 16700


While my eldest son was in the USA pursuing his undergraduate Engineering Degree from a Top 10 USA Engineering Uni, I did buy him a preowned sports car (of course paid in full using his Supplementary Maybank Visa Infinite). I did burn up lots of his future inheritance while he was still pursuing his Bachelor and Master USA Degrees. For his undergraduate graduation gift, I even gave him a Business Class ticket LA to KL (of course compliments from Maybank Credit Cards where that time MAS was flying to US).

Back in 2015, I was extremely lucky to have secured a Rolex Batman at official retail price just before the 6% GST was introduced. The Rolex Batman was a gift to my eldest son because he made me very happy when he finally listened to me and enrolled into a world’s top 50 Med School to pursue a post graduate Medical Degree (M.D) in Australia after graduating from an Ivy League Uni in USA with a Masters Degree in Engineering. FYI, after his SPM, I told him to enter Med School but he refused, so I sent him to USA at the age of 17 to pursue an Engineering degree. Now, I get to tell him – “I told you so”, hahaha. Then 2 years ago, I bought him a new limited edition Honda in Australia (also paid in full with his Supp MBB VI) as he needed to travel to hospitals as part of his M.D. traning program.

As for my second son, I have yet to buy him a car and I doubt I will be buying him one anytime soon as I have 4 cars in KL and a Mazda CX9 which I hardly use in Melbourne. My second son hardly spends any money because he is a computer gaming addict and all he does is stay at home and play games when he is not attending classes at his Uni!!! But he listens to me and agreed to pursue a Master Degree next year. So, for my second son’s 21st Birthday and also as a gift for him graduating end of this year from a world’s top 100  university (ranked No.1 in Australia), I decided to get him a Rolex watch.

Actually, for my second son’s 18th birthday, I offered to give him my Rolex Pepsi but he did not like it!!! So, I bought him a Limited Edition Bell & Ross GMT where only 50 pieces were produced on planet earth, please refer photo below:



As you are all aware, the current government of Malaysia, which came into power in May 2018, rated the GST at 0%. And effective 1st September 2018, the SST will come into effect. Therefore, we had about 3 months of tax free period and many people took advantage of this said tax free period to buy cars.!!! And in order to save some money, I had to purchase the Rolex watch for my second son before 1st September 2018.

I tell you, because of the tax free period, Rolex watches were selling like hot cakes too. if you had walked into any Rolex dealer in August 2018, you would have noticed that all of their showcases have very few watches. Not only were there hardly any sports models but even the Rolex Datejust 31 mm with white gold fluted bezel without diamonds were hard to find (image below)!!!

Rolex 31mm White Gold Fluted Bezel 178274


Nowadays, ladies prefer the Rolex Datejust 31mm over the Lady Datejust 28mm. As for the Rolex Datejust with smooth bezel (please refer image below), there are plenty as the smart ones will avoid getting them as they are prone to scratches and not suitable for daily use. I tell you, my 1 year old plus Rolex Air King which has the smooth bezel already has scratches here and there; and since it is my current favorite watch (because I do not need to adjust the stupid date), I wear it very often and in 20 years time the entire bezel will be full of “character” scratches, hahaha.

Rolex Datejust with smooth bezel 178240

I did ask my second son what Rolex watch he wanted and he said Solid Gold!!! Well, he will be graduating soon with an Accountancy Degree and I guess he knows what is true value, or maybe he’s more “chinapek” ,  hahahaha.

Anyway, I contacted several Rolex Authorized Dealers during the end of August and all of them told me that it would be impossible for me to get a Rolex Batman or the new Pepsi before 1st September. However, one of them had a Daytona Half Gold in Gold Dial with Diamonds and another had a GMT Master II Half Gold. So, i sent the images to my second son to check which one he preferred and he liked the GMT Master II Rolesor over the Daytona Half Gold Rolesor. Thus that saved me more than ten thousand Ringgit 🙂

My Second Son’s New Rolex GMT Master II 116713LN Rolesor

I just found out recently that Rolex Yellow Gold and Steel combination is called Rolesor, hahaha. Besides part of the bracelet being gold, the rotating 24 hours bezel and the hour markers in the dial are really made from 18 ct Gold too!!!

Rolex Rolesor Yellow Gold

Rolex 18 ct Gold Dial

Well, as usual, I used the fabulous Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve to purchase the watch and earned myself closed to a one way Business Class ticket KL/Melbourne or close to a half one way First Class ticket KL/Europe!!! Not only that, the dealer even gave me a discount which is equivalent to the sale price of a return Business Class KL/Shanghai with Malaysia Airlines!!! Side note: If you are a disciple of mine, you will know that it is damn stupid to redeem for a return Business Class tickets with Malaysia Airlines for routes within Asia or even Perth where you’ll be better off playing cash back credit cards and earn much more in returns. 

Rolex Rolesor Gold Bezel.jpg

Without further ado, here is my second son’s new Rolex Rolesor Half Gold 116713LN  (the watch is still wrapped with plastic as my second son will only be returning to KL end of this year):

Rolex GMT Half Gold 2018 in Original Box

Rolex GMT Half Gold 2018 in Original Box 1.jpg

Rolex GMT Half Gold 2018 in Original Box 2


My Son’s New Rolex GMT Master II Rolesor Half Gold versus My Old Rolex GMT Master Pepsi

Rolex GMT Half Gold 2018 versus Pepsi GMT 1997.jpg

The Rolex Rolesor is still wrapped in plastic all round

Rolex GMT Half Gold 2018 versus Pepsi GMT 1997 Rear


And since both of my sons have their own Rolex GMT, looks like I will have to pass my Rolex GMT Master Pepsi to my first grandson 🙂

I do find the Rolex GMT watches practical as it is great for traveling as it allows me to know the time in 2 time zones. Seriously, how often do we use the functions that comes with the Daytona or Submariner? Oh…. if you are thinking of getting the Sea Dweller, which is a professional diver’s watch. if the glass is scratched and you sent it to Rolex for service, it will cost you a bomb because Rolex will have to replace the glass as it is no longer good for diving!!! On the other hand, I would love a Sky Dweller as it not only has 2 time zones but even tells you the month!!!

Last but not least, since the last couple of years, Rolex watches come with 5 years warranty and the Rolex Authorized Dealer must immediately key in your name into Rolex database/system once you paid for the watch. What this means is that if you are buying a Rolex watch from an non-authorized dealer, they cannot claim it is new, regardless if it is unworn, because it is considered as second hand, i.e. you are not the first owner because your name will never be recorded as the owner of the said watch in Rolex database!!! And nowadays Rolex is very strict that Authorized Dealers cannot sell any Rolex watch at Premium Price. If you do come across one, report to Rolex and that dealer will be penalized.


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