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My Rolex GMT Master Pepsi 16700 1998 versus GMT Master II Pepsi 126710BLRO 2018


20 years ago, 1997/98, when Malaysia was in a recession and the Ringgit was under attack where it hit a all time low, I thought I better buy a Rolex before our Ringgit depreciated further and thus it would be impossible for me to ever buy a Rolex in my lifetime.

Well, I was wrong. The Ringgit did appreciate against the US Dollar eventually and I did buy several Rolex watches since then. However, the price of Rolex watches kept increasing year after year just like everything else due to a man made imagination, not created by scientist, but by some fool who introduced the theory of inflation so that governments have effectively “less” to pay back their debts over time and we the people suffer!!!

Oh, before I go off topic… back to today’s subject – My Rolex GMT Master Pepsi 16700 1998 versus GMT Master II Pepsi 126710BLRO 2018.

So back in 1998, I bought a Rolex Pepsi GMT Master 16700 for just about RM10K. Today, this said model is a collector’s item and some people are selling it close to RM60K. If you google, you will note that my GMT Master Pepsi is rarer because there are not many people selling it compared to the GMT Master II Pepsi 16710.

Rolex GMT Master Pepsi 16700 Price Malaysia

My Rolex GMT Master Pepsi 16700 1998

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