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My Air Miles Disciple Is Flying Round The World


As I have shown you guys previously (in my protected report, where I had in the past months open it to all once a month, titled My Disciples’ and My Suite Class, First Class and Business Class Confirmed Tickets In 2019 Worth More Than One And Half Million Ringgit As Of August 2019 And More To Come), many of My Air Miles Disciples are flying here and there on SUITE Class and First Class:

My Air Miles Disciples and I have redeemed FREE Singapore Airlines Suite Class tickets Singapore to Auckland (Old), Hong Kong (New), London (New & Old), Melbourne (Old) Paris (Old), Shanghai (New), Sydney (Old), Tokyo (New) and Zurich (New) or vice-versa.

Singapore Airlines has been awarded the Best First Class Airline in the World for 2019 again; and It is not because of their First Class BUT it is because of Singapore Airlines’ Suite Class which is beyond First Class. That is why I always tell My Air Miles Disciples that they should fly Singapore Airlines Suite Class and forget about their First Class.

Best First Class Airline in the world Singapore Airlines.jpg

My Air Miles Disciples and I have also redeemed First Class ticketsĀ  to/from 5 Continents (Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America and South America) with British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Qatar, Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways.

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