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Kronos Blade Genesis – The Best Android Dual Camera Smartwatch With Sim Card Slot

Last month (April 2020) while under lock down, most of the time I was surfing the internet and eventually bought my wife a cheapo Mi Band 4 simply because it tells the time and more importantly it is waterproof (with the Covid-19, we are told to wash our hands all the time). Click here to read my article titled Watches Are History – We Don’t Need One.

I, on the other hand bought myself a smartwatch called Kronos Blade Genesis via online 🙂 However, it is not waterproof. The reason why I bought the smartwatch is because I was so impressed with the review done by Smartwatch Ticks at YouTube, hahaha. And since the watch only cost about USD150, I thought maybe I should try it out.

I waited for the smartwatch to arrive for more than a month and did not hear from the seller after I made payment. To be frank, I thought that there was a possibility that I may have been conned or the watch may never reach me when I made the order. However, the amount is only USD170 (including USD20 shipping fee) and, therefore I was willing to take the risk.

Then suddenly last week I received an email from the seller informing me that the watch had been shipped out from China. This Monday and Tuesday was a public holiday, therefore I received the smartwatch by courier on Wednesday 🙂


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