GenZs are Entering Universities, My Bragging Rights 2018 and The Best Universities In The World


Buying a house is the biggest investment for most people. The second biggest “investment” for most people in their lifetime will be paying for their children’s education. Those of you who have no children to feed, you are lucky and get to enjoy your hard earn money on yourself 🙂

Children Education Path – which type of primary or secondary school (government, private, International or Chinese) your child attends is not really of any importance as all of them will lead to the same Top 100 universities on earth! By attending the best university also does not guarantee that our children will be “successful” in life. The things that guarantee our children succeed in life is their attitude which is molded from his/her surroundings, the people they mix with and the most important and only significant thing is – one of the parents have to play the role of tiger mum or dad, hahaha.

Having a smart child also gives the parent(s) a headache. Good quality education that enables your child to work anywhere on earth is not cheap. If you are currently (or soon to be) a young parent, I would seriously suggest you stop burning money on materialist stuff and not opt for 0% installment plan with credit cards for stuff which will be obsolete (e.g. smartphone) but instead invest whatever money you have (tip – I have been reiterating – if Maybank goes below RM4, buy buy buy) so that when the time comes you are able to provide a quality education for your child.

The major set back of sending our children to a world class university is that they may be working half way around the world leaving us all alone when we are old and useless!

If you have been a follower of mine, you will know that I have been bragging about my children being accepted into world’s top 50 universities ranked for Accounting, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Pharmacy. Yes, all I get from “investing” in my children’s education are bragging rights as I won’t get any monetary returns from them but it actually makes me poorer by the day!

My Children Academic Achievements So Far, I.e. My Bragging Rights 2018

If you have been following me for years, you will know that I have 3 GenY children and a Dragon GenZ daughter (born in 2000, the Year of The Golden Dragon). Well, I am going to brag about them once again, hahahaha:

My Eldest Son

My eldest son entered Standard 1 at the age of 6, the year before our current PM, who was then Education Minister, banned children below the age of 7 from entering Standard One.

While in High School he was into electric guitars and even had his own band. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwan Do (so do I).

He scored 10As for SPM at the age of 16. However, he had no ambition! I instructed him to be a doctor but he refused. Maybe he was too young then. Come to think of it, when I was 16 years old, I was partying all the time and “gila” over girls; but at the age of 13 I already had an ambition and work towards it.

So, I decided that I would send my eldest son to the USA to pursue an Engineering Degree. You see, most, if not all of the USA Universities’ first year Engineering Programs are kind of general in nature, where the student only needs to select/determine his intended major in the second year (Sophomore). Therefore, I was hoping that my son would know what he wanted to major in after his Freshman year.

In respect of the above, you all know lah I kiasu and plan for everything in advance, I made my son sit for the SAT exams before his SPM exams. Well, he did pretty well in the SAT exams (Math I, Math II and Chemistry). FYI, SAT is to determine a student’s credentials for admission to colleges/universities in the United States.

As you may or may not know, most of the Top Universities in the USA require potential students to submit their applications some time in December. For example, if your child wants to enter as a Freshman into a Top USA University in August/September 2019, he/she would need to submit his/her application in December 2018.

Therefore, with the SAT results, my son applied to a few Top 10 Universities in USA and was accepted even before his SPM results were out! Basically, he was accepted into a Top 10 USA Engineering Uni at the age of 16!

And while he was in his 3rd year, he promised me that he would pursue a Masters Degree which made me so happy that I bought him a second hand sports car (similar model to the photo below but in black). Of course my son paid for it with his Supp Maybank Visa Infinite, hahaha.


Guess what? I was “conned” by my son! After he completed his undergraduate Engineering Degree in a Top 10 Engineering U in USA, he decided that he did not want to do his Masters in Engineering after all. I was kind of disappointed as I hold a Masters in Engineering from USA. Anyway, for his graduation gift, I converted my Maybank Credit Cards’ Treats Points to Enrich Miles and redeemed a Business Class ticket from LA to KL for him. He had to sell the sports car at a substantial lost (less than half of what I paid for it) and I even went to the USA to attend his convocation and was a slave bringing back all his stuff including 3 guitars!

However, after returning to KL for 2 weeks, he gave me a “bomb” where he told me that his mother agreed to him returning to the USA because he was accepted into an Ivy League University (Best of the Best Unis) for a Masters in Engineering. I was like WTF!!! I am the one paying the tuition fees but I have no say, hahaha.

Of course I was delighted that he was accepted into an Ivy League Uni, more bragging rights for me, hahaha.

By that time, my 3 other children  were already schooling in Melbourne (Oldest daughter in Uni and the 2 younger ones in High School).

While pursuing his Masters in Engineering, he decided that he wanted to be a doctor!!! So while he was in the midst of pursuing his Masters in Engineering at the Ivy League Uni, he made sure that he enrolled in all the required prerequisite courses to enter Medical School in Australia. He then sat for GAMSAT (Graduate Medical School Admission Test) while still in the USA before he graduated with his Masters in Engineering.

Well, I guess my eldest son is just as blessed as I am because he was accepted into a World’s Top 50 Medical Uni to pursue a post graduate 4 years Doctor of Medicine degree (M.D.).

And because I get to tell him “I Told You So” ( i.e. be a doctor), I was extremely happy and bought him a Rolex GMT Batman. Click here to see my son’s Rolex GMT Batman and my Rolex GMT Pepsi.

While in his second year in Med School (2016) in Australia, because I was still very happy that he decided to be a doctor, for his birthday, I allowed him to buy a car. The model he bought was the “Limited Edition” Honda City and he paid AUD18,500 for it (Drive Away Price – no need to pay a single sen more which include the car registration fee and the freaking nice number plate!). It comes standard with Reverse Camera, Leather  Steering, Leather Gear Knob, Rear Spoiler and Alloy Wheels but no Fog Lights which is only fitted in the higher end model which cost about AUD5K to AUD6K more. The price he paid included Tinting and Reverse Sensor (in Australia, Reverse Sensors are optional and I reminded him to include the Reverse Sensor and Tinting cost when  negotiating the final price of the car before he signed on the dotted line).

And the thing is, they registered the car in my son’s name without him even needing to step into the dealership. My son negotiated the price with the Salesman over the phone; the salesman then emailed the contract to my son; and my son then emailed back the document after signing it. Subsequently someone from the Finance Department called my son for the Deposit Payment and my son simply gave him his Supp Maybank VI number to pay the AUD2K deposit. On my son’s birthday, he went to the dealership to collect the car and paid the balance AUD16.5K (using his Supp Maybank Visa Infinite). And he got a pleasant birthday surprise too – the salesman managed to get him a super freaking nice number plate for FREE (the number below 888 WWW  has been photoshoped, the real number is actually equally freaking nice and symmetrical, 8×8 WxW).

My eldest son is expected to graduate with his M.D. degree at the end of this year and is guaranteed a job that pays RM2xx,xxx.xx for the first year.

I am glad that my son finally came to his senses to be a doctor…. hopefully I don’t have to worry about him asking for money next year onward, hahaha.

My Older Daughter

This daughter of mine is super smart like me 🙂 She hardly studies. While in High School, she was into ballet (a big waste of time if you ask me) and completed Grade 8 in piano.

In the middle of her SPM exams, she even attended 2PM (a K-Pop Group) concert at Stadium Negara! She also scored 10As for her SPM.

But just like her bother, she had no ambition! I told her to be a doctor but she also refused. I then asked her do be a pharmacist, to which she agreed. So, just like her brother, I made her sit for SAT papers (Math I, Math II and Chemistry). And the joke was she only bought the SAT Chemistry Book a week before she was to take the test! Well, she was accepted into a 6 years PhD Pharmacy Program in a Top 10 Pharmacy University in USA, prior to her SPM results!

However, she is kind of a “yiu siu cha boh kia” and USA is damn freaking far and the winter there is extremely cold. So, I decided to send her to Melbourne (where many of the top Australian universities are located).

After form 5, she took SAM (South Australia Matriculation) at Taylors and achieved an ATAR score of 99.X, which means she is in the top 1% of all students taking Australia Year 12 or Matriculation courses.

And during her undergraduate years, she seldom study but instead watching Korean dramas all the time! But yet she consistently obtained High Distinctions and even awarded a scholarship for her excellent results.

For her consistent excellent academic result, I rewarded her with a Prada On Chain (Blue) and a Christmas Edition (2015) Small Sling Bag.

Prada Wallet On Chain

My elder daughter has completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy (with Honours) from a Melbourne uni ranked World’s Top 5 for Pharmacy back in 2016. For her graduation, I bought her a mid-size Chanel Mademoiselle flap handbag (photo below):

Chanel Mid Size Flap

Chanel Mademoiselle mid-size flap handbag

However, just before she graduated, she decided that pharmacy was not her thing and applied for two Masters programs. Well, she was accepted by an Australian Uni ranked in the World’s Top 30 for Law to pursue a Juris Doctor (JD) program. This is really great as not everyone gets the opportunity to enter a World’s Top 30 law school.

Monash JD

Monash JD 1

Welcome Kit informing my daughter that she was accepted into  a Juris Doctor Program

Sad to say, despite me trying to brainwash her to do law, she decided that she did not want to be a lawyer and instead, is now pursuing a Masters in Education in an Australian Uni which is ranked in the World’s Top 20 for Education.

But thinking back in hindsight, since this daughter of mine is a “yiu siu cha boh kia”, law would not have been appropriate for her. And then I found out that teachers’ pay in Australia is damn good. Would you believe me if I told you that a “hard working” secondary school teacher in Australia can earn up to AUD180K a year (RM540K)!!!

My Third Child, A Son

This son of mine is a gaming addict and it is all my fault! You see, before he even entered primary school, I gave him his own computer so that he and I could play Ragnarok Online and Maple Story simultaneously helping each other !!!


This son holds a brown belt in Tae Kwan Do at the age of 14 and even won a medal in a District competition. However, before he could sit for his black belt I had sent him to Melbourne for High School.

He did score 7As in his PMR exams. But in year 2013, when my older daughter started Uni in Melbourne, I sent him and my youngest daughter to Melbourne too for High School.

He went to a Private High School in Melbourne where the school fees cost AUD30K+ per year. He did sit for a VCE (Victoria Certificate of Education) paper while in Year 11 and scored it. So, I bought his a new gaming 15″ notebook as a reward. However, his Year 12 final ATAR result was no where near his older sister’s score of  99.X….. I regret buying him the gaming notebook, hahaha.

Unlike the other two older children, this son of mine decided that he would not pursue a Science based degree but wanted to major in Accounting instead. By the end of this year, he should graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accountancy and Banking & Finance from a uni in Melbourne which is ranked No.1 in Australia and World’s Top 20 Uni for Accounting.

I tell you, this son of mine is damn smart. By pursuing an Accounting Degree, he has so much freaking free time to play his computer games, certain semesters he only has classes 3 days in a week!

He has been doing pretty well in his Uni exams and I have rewarded him with a Limited Edition Bell & Ross watch where only 50 pieces where produced on planet earth and also a Hermes belt.

However, getting a job with the Big Four Accounting Firms in Melbourne is kind of tough because thousands of accountants graduate yearly from Australian universities. Hopefully, he will pursue a Masters degree next year.

My Youngest GenZ Daughter, born in the Year of the Golden Dragon

My youngest daughter was born in the year 2000. She was into ballet, piano and saxophone while in primary school. She was also the first member in our family to own an iPad in 2010 even before it was launched in Malaysia. I had asked my sister who resides in the USA to get her one when she returned to KL in the summer or 2010.

Unlike the other siblings, this dragon daughter of mine is kiasu like me, hahaha. She plans for everything and knows what field she wants to enter after she graduates.

She did score 5As for her UPSR. In 2013, she started Year 7 (Form 1) in a Private School in Melbourne. And to our delight, she was awarded the best student for Math, Science and Performing Arts, too! She was declared DUX for Year 7 that year.

In Year 8, she sat for the Selective Schools entrance exam competing with thousands of students from all over Victoria State and won a place in an Elite All Girls School, starting Year 9. However, she refused to go to the Elite All Girls School! So, I had to bribe her, i.e. I offered to take her to Europe for her 16th Birthday. While in Paris (in 2016), I did buy her a Chanel Wallet On Chain as a sweet sixteen birthday present.

Chanel Wallet On Chain

While in Melbourne, she plays the saxophone in her school band and is a member of the Melbourne Youth Orchestra since 2016.

My youngest is still attending the elite all girls High School in Melbourne (Year 12 this year, 2018). However, while in Year 11 (last year), she sat for 2 Victoria Certificate of Education and aced both the papers. This year she is sitting for another 4 VCE papers.

Because her 2 VCE exam results were damn good last year (2017), without my knowledge, she then applied as part of her high school’s advanced studies program to the University of Melbourne (Ranked No.1 University in Australia and Top 50 in the world) to attend 2 first year courses this year and was accepted! She is competing with other first year uni students. FYI, in order to be able to enter University of Melbourne, one needs an ATAR (Australia Tertiary Admission Rank) Score of at least 95 (top 5% students).

GenX Daughter GenZ Uni ID

My Youngest Daughter’s U of Melbourne Student ID (Photoshopped)

She announced her acceptance into the University of Melbourne while we were in Hawaii back in January (this year 2018).

While in Hawaii on Day 1, my youngest daughter saw a Gucci handbag called Sylvie and she really loved it and told me that it was about USD400 cheaper in Hawaii compared to mainland USA and Australia. However, I refused to buy it for her. She has a Chanel Wallet On Chain which I bought for her in Paris and a Dior wallet from London when we went to Europe in 2016 in addition to MK and Coach bags.

Gucci Sylvie

Then on Day 5 after dinner, she announced to the family that she received an email informing her that she had been accepted into the University of Melbourne (ranked No.1 in Australia and World’s Top 50) first year courses.

So on Day 6, I asked my youngest daughter if she still wanted the Gucci handbag which she saw when we first arrived in Honolulu. You see, in view that my youngest daughter had been accepted into the University of Melbourne for 2 courses this year while still in High School, I now have a new bragging right. Therefore, I was extremely delighted. And to reward her for her achievement of being accepted into University of Melbourne at the age of 17, I agreed to buy her a Gucci handbag.

Gucci Sylvie and Ophidia Imperial Dragon price cheaper in Honolulu

Click here to read about My USA Trip (Hawaii) 2018 where I have detailed it based on happenings starting from Day 1 to Day 7.

The Best Universities To Spend Your Money On Your Children’s Education

As you can see from the above, I do have a wide range of experience on children’s education, hahaha.

I tell you, the smart ones will continue studying after they have completed their undergraduate degree  so that they postpone entering the real world looking for a job and being “taruh” left right centre from their bosses and colleagues.

If your child has no idea as to what to do next after Form 5 or O Levels, especially attending university in what country, I may be able to assist you….. drag him/her to meet up with me and I will slowly explain to him/her the importance of graduating from a “right” university to open up possibilities that many do not foresee. Many young people do not see long term and regret their choices which is then too late.

Whatever it is, if you can afford to send your child overseas for a professional degree, do not send him/her just to any uni but one that allows him/her to work anywhere on planet earth to earn big bucks.

In Malaysia we have so many universities nowadays and with PTPTN Education Loan, almost everyone can enter university. With PTPTN, parents do not need to “suffer” so much because they can past on part of their child’s education cost to the child where the child will need to repay the education loan.


Now, if your child is considering going to UK for a Law Degree, one would think that Singapore, a Commonwealth nation, would recognize any Law Degree from UK. Well, Singapore only recognizes Law Degrees from 11 UK universities!!! See the list below:

Best Law Schools in UK

So what’s the above got to do with your child who does not intend to be admitted into Singapore Bar? Nothing, as far as your child is concerned but it may affect you. This is what will happen – you are bragging to someone that your child graduated with a 1st Class Honours Law Degree from a UK university (not listed above) and then the other person tells you that you wasted lots of money on your child because your son’s degree is deemed useless by the Singapore government!!! You will lose face big time, hahaha.

Seriously, if you are going to burn lots of money on your child’s overseas education, especially Professional Degrees, make sure that the degree he/she is pursuing is recognized worldwide. Did you know that Australia Professional Bodies do not even recognize a single degree conferred by our local universities (maybe with the exception of a few degrees conferred by Monash University Malaysia). So if you are sending your child overseas, the safest bet is that your child enters a university ranked in the World’s Top 100 by subject so that he/she can work anywhere on earth. If your child’s degree is not recognized worldwide, then what’s the point of sending him/her overseas and burning your hard earned money in the first place? Might as while do it locally and save tons of money.

And if you want to know what universities are good. It’s very easy, just check out what universities are approved by the kiasu Singapore Professional Boards/Councils, hahahaha.

For the full list of universities where their Law Degrees are approved by the Ministry of Law Singapore – click here. I am surprised that Law Degrees from 4 USA universities are recognized.

For the full list of universities where their Engineering Degrees are approved by the Ministry of National Development Singapore – click here. Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Degrees from University of Malaya (UM) are recognized, that shows that at least UM Engineering Degrees are on par with other top universities worldwide.

For the full list of universities where their Medical Degrees are approved by Singapore Medical Council – click here. It’s fantastic to know that two universities in Malaysia are approved, i.e. University of Malaya (UM) and University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

For the full list of universities where their Pharmacy Degrees are approved by Singapore Pharmacy Council – click here.  Only Pharmacy Degree from University Sains Malaysia (USM) is approved! Why is UM Pharmacy Degree not recognized?

Now, from the above links, you can see for yourself that not a single Malaysian private university Engineering or Law or Medicine or Pharmacy degrees are approved by the Singapore Professional Boards/Councils! I was really surprised to learn this. Like I mentioned, some degrees from Monash Malaysia, may be recognized by Australia Professional Boards but Singapore doesn’t recognize them (or is it because the Degree is conferred by Monash University Australia where students do attend their convocation in Melbourne?). What really surprised me is that University Sains Malaysia Pharmacy degree is recognized by Singapore Pharmacy Council but not the one from University Malaya!!!

For other degrees recognized by Singapore government, just google it 🙂


Now, for those of you who are sending your children to International Schools – if your child intends to pursue a Professional Degree from anywhere on earth,  he/she may not be able to register with the relevant Professional Boards in Malaysia when he/she returns because he will need SPM BM!!! So, unless you own a business/company for him/her to take over and be the boss, most probably he/she will have to work overseas and earn big bucks (compared to Ringgit),  which in turn means that you will be lonely when you are old.


In respect of this subject, I can only tell you from my own experience.

While in the USA pursuing my undergraduate and post graduate Engineering Degrees, and because of the education system in the USA, I had to take some humanities courses in addition to the science/engineering courses; and this has benefited me tremendously. I applied what I learned from my Psychology 101 and Logic 101 to my daily life and also in my children’s upbringing. I found that the time I had spent in the USA have made me more knowledgeable, independent and self-reliant.

As mentioned earlier, my eldest son graduated from a Top 10 USA Engineering Uni and obtained his Masters of Engineering from an Ivy League Uni. And because he graduated from amongst the best universities in the world, he had no problems being accepted into a World’s Top 50 Medical School in Australia. Today, he is in his final year of a 4 Year post graduate Doctor of Medicine degree (M.D.) in Australia.

Every person that I know who graduated from a USA university is doing pretty well. All my uni-mates’ children have either graduated from unis or are pursuing their undergraduate degrees and many are from overseas universities (a couple of them even doctors in UK).

Here is another example, 2 years ago my cousin who graduated from University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Accountancy, had no problems getting a job with the Big 4s (the 4 Largest Accounting Firms on earth) in KL; and not just any job but a specific job that she had wanted, i.e. investments/consultancy/projects. She only searched for a job a month or two after graduating because she went for a holiday in Europe. Actually, most of her friends who graduated with B.Comm from University of Melbourne were offered jobs by the Big 4s even prior to them graduating!!! Did you know that many of our major leading Public Listed companies go to Melbourne to attract/interview our Malaysian students before they graduate and they participate in job fairs there too.

The above mentioned cousin of mine who graduated from University of Melbourne, while still being employed by one of the Big 4s did apply to a Top 5 Business Management Uni in London for a Masters Degree and was accepted. So after working about a year, she went over to London. Well, she is graduating with her Masters Degree this year and she has already been offered a job in London!

One of my cousin’s daughter who obtained an undergraduate degree from London School of Economics 2 years ago was also offered a job prior to her graduation. I know one of my son’s classmates who went to UK for a medical degree now works there after her graduation last year.

So, if you ask me if an overseas degree is worth it? I would say YES, especially if the Uni is ranked in the Top 100, for our children’s sake but not ours! If one graduates from a World’s Top University, he/she can potentially work anywhere on planet earth earning big bucks. However, like I mentioned before, there is a set back, our kids will be earning big bucks half way round the world and chances are they will start a family there. Thus, resulting in us being lonely and not able to pamper our grandchildren as much as we would like and maybe even dying all alone.

Secret To My Children’s Good Academic Results

I used to have an article called Children Education Path published at my now defunct blog called Ringgit Wise Fool where I shared how I “trained” my children and whatever primary or secondary school a child goes to is of no significance. A child who is educated in a Sekolah Kebangssaan (for FREE) can end up in the same university as a child who was educated in an International School (which cost a damn lot of money). Not only that, a person without any formal education but is street smart may be more successful in life compared to a person who graduated from a university. What is important is the child’s attitude towards life.

My grand father, who passed away at the age of 100 last year, would tell me over and over again that he cried when he was told he could not enter secondary school because my great grand father had no money (my family started off really freaking poor). Therefore, in his teens, my grand father had to help his dad. Anyway, my grand father valued education. Therefore, he made sure he provided the best education he could for his children (my dad and 4 uncles are Engineers, one uncle an Accountant, and 3 aunties are graduates).

However, I did not give a damn to my academic performance while in primary school until my youngest uncle taught me that – Knowledge is Power! So starting from Form 1, all I did was study 2 hours a day (Monday to Thursday) and suddenly I was among the Top 3 students in my entire form (I was in a government school and there were more than 400 students in Form 1)!

So when each of my children entered Primary School, I would make them study 2 hours a day (Monday to Thursday) and all of them consistently came out No.1 in their school. FYI, I sent my children to a Private School that adopted our national education syllabus. None of them took any tuition classes and yet all of them scored full As in their Standard 6 exams including Bahasa Malaysia. And when they were young, I would also brainwash them that in order to have a good life (i.e. able to afford to buy the things they want), they need to graduate from a good university. Once they entered secondary school, I kind of left it to them on how they want to study and only stepped in when necessary as teenagers do not like to be told what to do!

But of course, they must have good basics before they entered Standard One. And here is where I am going to tell you young parents the secret of my family’s academic success. It is all thanks to Ladybird Peter and Jane series.


My mum, who was headmistress of 2 convent high schools, started my siblings and I with Ladybird Key Words. My bother is an Electrical Engineer (with Honor) from USA. One of my sisters graduated from a prestigious all girls university in USA and is currently lecturing in one of our local university/college (her eldest child is now pursuing an IT degree in Canada). My youngest sister’s undergraduate degree is from an Ivy League Uni and she subsequently obtained a PhD and is currently a Professor in a California State University.

So, when it came to my children, my wife (who holds a Bachelor of Science degree with Highest Honors from USA) also started my children off with Ladybird’s Key Words at around the age of 2 plus. I tell you, if you start off your child early with the Peter and Jane series and continue to book ten or eleven (don’t even need to complete book 12), by the time your child enters primary school, he/she would be reading Enid Blyton books (and would have no problems reading the newspapers too) and by age 11 or 12, be able to read practically any novels out there!

I tell you, if you train your child to read at a young age, when they enter school, they wouldn’t be intimidated by the school text books but instead, reading them will be like second nature.

In addition to having a good command of a language so that one can absorb the material they are reading, I strongly recommend music lessons before your child even starts standard 1. You can start off with Yamaha Junior Music class and and then piano classes for a year or two and from there, depending on your child’s interest, proceed to the music instrument of his/her choice. Music is a language by itself and it kind of further develops a child’s ability to think and is also a way to relax and unwind.

Last but not least, computer games are good! I used to play arcade and video games (Pin Ball, Pac Man, Galaga, Space Invaders, etc) when I was young and then got into computer games while in secondary school (Apple IIe, Coleco Adam in colour and PC). All my children were given their own computers at a very young age. You see, by playing computer games, one has to make split-second decisions and also think outside the box to achieve an objective.  And by playing computer games, your child will be so engrossed in it that he/she would not need to gamble or take drugs to have thrills or achieve a state of “high”. However, the set back is, he/she may become a gaming addict, i.e. like my second son where he plays games everyday instead of studying or looking for a girlfriend! Then again, the gaming industry is now a big thing and many young people makes millions by playing games.

Update 3rd October 2019

I received the message below and I thought I share it here to prove to you guys that what I tell you so the truth, hahaha.

Peter and Jane Testimonial.jpg


Like we Hokkien people say – “kia beh tak chek tau kak tia, kia eh tak chek pun tau kak tia”. Translated it means, we get a headache when  our child cannot study but we also get a headache when our child can study, hahaha.

Once again, I would like to reiterate that graduating from a world top university is a stepping stone to a comfortable and quality life but may not necessarily mean that one will be successful (can mean different things to different people). For example, you may be PM of a country but after you retire no one gives a damn about what you have contributed to the nation. Everyone controls their own destiny and no one is to blame but ourselves if we fail to plan and set a goal and work towards our desires.

Well, the only thing I have gained so far, “monetary” wise, from paying for my children’s  tuition fees, is that I get to fly Business Class for “FREE”.  You see, for every RM0.954 I spent on their tuition fee using my Maybank 2 Cards Premier Visa Infinite, I can earn myself 1 Enrich Mile or 1 KrisFlyer Mile. I have managed to redeem more than 10 return Business Class KL/London for my family members and myself (in 2014, 2015 and 2016). In mid 2016, I took my wife and 3 children to Europe on 5 Free Business Class tickets KL/London complimentary of Maybank 2 Cards Premier worth more RM70K!!!

Malaysia Airlines Business Class for FREE

The University of Melbourne, Monash and RMIT are in Melbourne. The University of Melbourne is ranked No.1 in Australia. Monash is also ranked in the World’s Top 100 Universities, whereby, for certain subjects, Monash is even ranked Top 10 or 20 in the world. RMIT is well known for producing students who are well trained and have the necessary skills required by employers.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Melbourne’s population is growing and Malaysians make up 8.4% of the residents in Melbourne CBD and is ranked No.2 after China at 24.9%!!!

If you are intending to Migrate to Australia or to send your child for matriculation or even high school in Australia or even investing in Australia, I have another separate article titled Melbourne Is A Good Place For Uni that deals with  these subjects. Private Message me at Facebook if you want to read it – only for those who have Liked GenX GenY GenZ Facebook Page prior to 26 April 2018.

I have no qualms burning my money on my children’s education because they are not really spending my money away but actually spending their future inheritance for a good cause. Same thing for the luxury watches and handbags which I bought for them…. I get to hear them say “thanks pa” instead of them spending their inheritance suka-suka without being grateful to me!

If you have yet to read my article titled “Spending Children’s Future Inheritance”, please click here now.  Hopefully those of you who have attained the level of “chiak bui liow” will comprehend that you can’t bring you assets/money to the grave and therefore would join me in burning our children’s inheritance for happy moments while we are still alive and can hear them say “thank you dad (or mum)”, hahaha. If you don’t listen to my advise, when your son uses his inheritance and buys his girlfriend (who may eventually be someone else’s wife) a Chanel handbag, you would definitely freak out in your grave, hahaha.

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