Yamazaki 12 (New Black Box) and Hakushu 12 Award Winning Japanese Whisky Price in Malaysia Singapore Japan and Australia

Previously in my article titled Rare Hibiki 17, Yamazaki 12 and Hakushu 12 Are Now Part of My Japanese Whisky Collection, I informed you guys that Suntory will cease or has ceased production of the Hakushu 12 Years and Hibiki 17 Years.

The Hibiki 17, nowadays, is pretty rare but it’s not impossible to get a bottle. As of June 2018, it is still easily available at Donki in Singapore. And if you are lucky like me, you may also get the Hibiki 17 at Dan Murphy’s Australia. However, as of 1st June 2018, not even a single bottle of Hibiki is being sold at Jaya Grocer Mid Valley/The Gardens KL.

On the other hand, both Yamazaki 12 Years  and Hakushu 12 Years are still obtainable in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Singapore, Japan and Australia.

Yamazaki 12 Years Old Beige/Yellow Box versus the New Black Box.

Before I show you the prices of the Yamazaki 12 Years, first let’s look at the  Old Beige/Yellow Box versus the New Black Box.

Yamazaki 12 Years Old versus New Design Front and Rear

Yamazaki 12 Years Australia New versus Old Box 2018

Yamazaki 12 Years Australia New versus Old Box.jpg

Yamazaki 12 Old versus New Rear Label

Price of Yamazaki 12 Years, Hakushu 12 Years, Hakushu 18 Years and Yamazaki 18 Years in Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore

Yamazaki 12, Hakushu 12, Hakushu 18 and Yamazaki 18 Prices in Malaysia as of June 2018.

Price of Yamazaki and Hibiki in KL Ma;aysia

Yamazaki 12 and 18 Price Malaysia June 2018 Jaya Grocer Mid Valley

If you refer to the 2 images above, where both were taken at Jaya Grocer Mid Valley/The Gardens, you will notice that the Yamazaki No Age price has increased to RM621.70 since August 2017. The Yamazaki 18 on the other hand is selling at a freaking unbelievable price of RM5083.02!!! On the other hand, the price of the Yamazaki 12 Years at RM1,319.81 is cheaper in June 2018 compared to RM1399 in August 2017!!! Go figure…….

And below is a shocker! The Yamazaki 12 Years is sold for RM2,075.47  at Isetan KL!

Yamazaki 12 Price in Isetan KL Malaysia 2018

As for the Hakushu 12 and 18 Years (please refer photo below), they are cheaper than the Yamazaki. Now, Suntory has stopped production of the Hakushu 12 Years, so by right it should be selling at a Premium price versus the Yamazaki 12 Years which is still available worldwide.

Take note of the Hakushu 18 Years price of RM3,318.87, it is much cheaper than the Yamazaki 18. However, both are being sold at ridiculous prices and you will see later that the Hakushu is selling for half the price in Australia.

Hakushu 12 and 18 Price in Malaysia

Yamazaki 12, Hakushu 18 and Yamazaki 18 Prices in Singapore as of June 2018.

Yamazaki 12 Price in Singapore 2018

Yamazaki 18 and Hakushu 18 Price in Singapore June 2018

From the above 2 images that were taken at Donki Singapore in June 2018 by a follower and project team member of mine.

Yamazaki 12 Years – SGD298 (RM888)

Yamazaki 18 Years – SGD998 (RM2,971)

Hakushu 18 Years – SGD898 (RM2,673)

As you can see, the prices of the Yamazaki and Hakushu are much less in Singapore compared to KL, Malaysia. You can actually get the Yamazaki 12 Years for less than RM1K in Singapore and Isetan KL is selling it for above RM2K!!!

I tell you, if you want to get a bottle of Yama18, you can go to Singapore to get it and with the difference in price (RM2K+), you can even stay a night at Mandarin Orchard and still have left over money for makan!

Yamazaki 12 Years Price in Japan 2018.

Yamazaki 12 Years Price in Japan 2018

Wow! 39,000 Yen (RM1,414) for a Yamazaki 12, that is even higher than the price of RM1,319 in Jaya Grocer KL!

Yamazaki 12 Years Price in Kyoto May 2018

May 2018 in Kyoto

However, one of my followers, who is also a project team member, managed to get the Yamazaki 12 in Kyoto while he was holidaying in May 2018 for just 15,980 Yen (RM580).

Yamazaki 12, Hakushu 12 and Hakushu Prices in Australia as of June 2018.

Vintage Cellar Yamazaki and Hakushu price in Melbourne Australia

Dan Murphy price of Hibiki 17 and Yamazaki 12 in Australia

Price of Yamazaki 12 and Hibiki 17 Australia Melbourne

From the above images, you can get a bottle of the Yamazaki 12 and Hakushu 12 for AUD179.99 (RM547) in Melbourne as of June 2018. Bros & Sis, the price of Yamazaki 12 is freaking cheap in Australia….. cheaper than in Kyoto (RM580)!

As for the Hakushu 18, you can get it for just AUD599.99 (RM1,825) where the same Hakushu 18 Years is being sold for RM2,673 and RM3,319 in Singapore and Malaysia respectively.

I tell you, if you ever visit Downunder, you must walk into a Dan Murphy’s and other liquor stores and you might be able to get your hands on a Yamazaki 12 or Hakushu 12 or maybe even Hibiki 17 at a super cheap price (compared to Malaysia).

Update October 2018

I returned to Melbourne on 13 October 2018 and visit Dan Murphy. I was blessed once again as Dan Murphy had a bottle of Hakushu 12 Years in stock. Without hesitation I immediately bought it. And since I’ve never tasted a Hakushu, I bought a no age bottle to try it out. The price I paid this time for the Hakushu 12 Years was AUD250 compared to AUD180 back in June 2018 at Vintage Cellar.

Hakushu October 2018.jpg

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