Rare Hibiki 17 Yamazaki 12 Hakushu 12 Award Winning Whiskies Are Now Part of My Japanese Whisky Collection in Melbourne

Top Urgent – Great Opportunity

The Hibiki 17 is once again available at Dan Murphy’s on 14 June 2018. But you better be quick. I just bought another bottle. It now cost AUD50 more than what I paid for my other bottle I bought in end May,

Hibiki 17 Australia Price 2018

Photo taken at 2pm on 14 June 2018 at Dan Murphy’s Melbourne QV CBD


Recently two of my project team members shared with me that Suntory, a award wining Japanese Whisky producer, is suspending the production of their award wining Hibiki 17 Years and Hakushu 12 Years.

Suntory Hallls Suspends Production of Hibiki and Hakushu 2018

Now, I have tasted the Hibiki 17 and to tell you the truth, I did not enjoy it. However, I have never tried the Hakushu before. Those of you who have been following me for years know that couple years ago I also bought 2 bottles of the award wining Yamazaki 12 Years. Well, I did open one bottle to try it out and sad to say none of my sons and me enjoyed it, hahaha.


I tell you, I prefer the Award Winning Johnnie Walker Green Label anytime – cheap and nice. The price of the Johnnie Walker Green Label in Malaysia is about RM365 at AEON. I have managed to buy several bottles of the Green Label for less than AUD70 (about RM210) in Melbourne. Click here to see my Johnnie Walker Collection in Melbourne.


Japanese Whisky on the other hand are being sold at ridiculous price in Malaysia. Suntory’s entry level Hakushu, Hibiki and Yamazaki No Age are selling for no less than RM500 in Malaysia. The Yamazaki 12 Years on the other hand is selling for more than RM1.3K and the 18 Years for RM4,888!!!

Hakushu Hibiki Yamazaki No Age Price Malaysia.jpg

Price of Yamazaki and Hibiki in KL Ma;aysia

Then one of my project team members (where we share stuff that benefit us in addition to earning FREE Money and Air Miles with credit cards) informed me that a bottle of Yamazaki 12 Years is selling for 39,000 Yen in Japan (RM1426)! That’s even more than the price of a Yamazaki 12 in Malaysia as of May 2018!!!

Yamazaki 12 Years Price in Japan 2018

However, one of my other project team members who just returned from Japan with his family managed to get a bottle of Yamazaki 12 for 15,980 Yen after visiting several liquor stores in Kyoto.

Yamazaki 12 Years Price in Kyoto May 2018

So, if you are ever in Japan and you see a bottle of Yamazaki12 Years selling for less than 20,000 Yen, you better get it on the spot – no second guessing.

Hibiki 17 Price in Singapore

One of my project team members shared with me the price of Hibiki 17 in Singapore as of June 2018:

Hibiki 17 Price in Singapore June 2018

Hibiki 17 Price Singapore

The Hunt for Hakushu 12 Years and Yamazaki 12 Years in Melbourne

I flew into Melbourne on 28th May 2018. You guys know lah, I super kiasu….. in view that the Hakushu 12 Years production is going to be stopped and the price of Yamazaki 12 Years is now also selling at ridiculous price in Japan, I must go get them before they become priceless, hahaha. And since I have nothing better to do in Melbourne, I spent the entire yesterday (29th May) online searching for the Hakushu 12 and Yamazaki 12 and managed to identify a shop, i.e. Vintage Cellar, that had both in stock – well at least according to what I read in their website

Vintage Cellar Yamazaki and Hakushu in stock

According to Dan Murphy’s website, there is no stock (i.e. no price was shown) for the Hibiki and Yamazaki:

Dan Murphy Yamazaki and Hibiki Price

So this morning, I visited the Dan Murphy store and to my surprised to had 4 bottles of the Yamazaki 12 Years and several bottles of Hibiki No Age selling for AUD199 and AUD119 respectively (but I forgot to take my camera, i.e. my 3 Smartphones). I then also visited Vintage Cellar in Chinatown but they did not even have a single bottle of Hibiki or Hakushu 12 or Yamazaki 12.

I then called Vintage Cellar at South Melbourne to confirm that they have the Hakushu 12 and Yamazaki 12 in stock as stated in their website. The guy told me that they do have the Hakushu 12 Years in stock but no Yamazaki 12.

I tell you, the above just proved to you that you cannot believe anything that you read in the internet!!! I.e. According to Dan Murphy’s website they don’t have Yamazaki 12 in stock and Vintage Cellar website stated that the Yamazaki 12 was in stock in their South Melbourne branch – both turned out to be the opposite!!!

So, I drove to South Melbourne and got myself 2 bottles of the Hakushu 12 Years for AUD179 each, And since they also had the Yamazaki No Age selling for AUD99, I bought a bottle too.

Vintage Cellar Yamazaki and Hakushu price in Melbourne Australia

Vintage Cellar Bill

After I returned to my apartment in the CBD, I went to Dan Murphy’s and I was shocked! They had they Hibiki 17 in stock priced at AUD449 which was not there when I dropped by in the morning (that why I mentioned earlier I did not bring my camera and therefore cannot show you the difference).

Dan Murphy price of Hibiki 17 and Yamazaki 12 in Australia

And since the Hibiki 17 production will also be stopped soon by Suntory….. I bought one bottle together with 4 bottles of Yamazaki 12 (sapu all in that store) and a Hibiki no age too.

And to my pleasant surprise, the price of the Yamazaki 12 was AUD179 per bottle when it was scanned!!!

Price of Yamazaki 12 and Hibiki 17 Australia Melbourne

So all in all, I spend more than RM5K for Japanese Whisky today…… and the biggest joke is that I don’t even enjoy Japanese Whisky, hahaha.

GenX Hibiki 17 Hakushu 12 and Yamazaki 2018

Exclusive Unboxing Rare Hibiki 17 Years

I am please to present to you an exclusive first of a kind unboxing a Hibiki 17 Years 🙂

Unboxing Rare Hibiki 17 Years 1

Unboxing Rare Hibiki 17 Years 2

Unboxing Rare Hibiki 17 Years 3

Unboxing Rare Hibiki 17 Years 6

Unboxing Rare Hibiki 17 Years 7

Unboxing Rare Hibiki 17 Years 8

Update October 2018

I returned to Melbourne on 13 October 2018 and visit Dan Murphy. I was blessed once again as Dan Murphy had a bottle of Hakushu 12 Years in stock. Without hesitation I immediately bought it. And since I’ve never tasted a Hakushu, I bought a no age bottle to try it out. The price I paid this time for the Hakushu 12 Years was AUD250 compared to AUD180 back June 2018 at Vintage Cellar.

Hakushu October 2018.jpg

Hakushu Japaneses Whisky Melbourne 2018

As of October 2018, I have 3 bottles of Hakushu 12 Years in Melbourne. I also have 2 bottles of the Hibiki 17 where I have taken one bottle back to Malaysia and therefore only 1 bottle of the Hibiki 17 is in Melbourne. Below photo shows my unopened Japanese Whisky Collection in Melbourne as of October 2018.

Japanese Whisky Melbourne Oct 2018

I do enjoy the Hibiki Harmony and actually prefer it over the Yamazaki 12 Years anytime. Too bad Dan Murphy’s had no stock of the Hibiki Harmony when I dropped by in Mid October 2018 as I wanted to get a few more bottles to stock up. Below is a photo of an opened and unopened Hibiki Harmony. FYI, the Duty Free Outlet at Melbourne Tullamarine airport also sells the Hibiki Master Select which is an airport edition but I don’t find it as nice as the Hibiki Harmony.

Hibiki Harmony unopen and opened bottles

UPDATE December 2018

I finished the 2 bottles of Hibiki Harmony pictured above. For more than 2 months (October and November 2018) Dan Murphy at Melbourne CBD did not have stock. I visited Dan Murphy on 6th December 2018 and was delighted they have the Hibiki Harmony again in stock so I bought 3 bottles prices at AUD120 per bottle.

Hibiki Harmony December 2018

Hibiki Harmony Dec 2018


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