Coach Academy Sling Bag Is So Freaking Spacious – A Must Buy Item At Coach Factory Outlet in USA


In January 2018, my wife and I together with 3 of our children visited Hawaii. And of course if one is in the USA, he/she must go to the Premium Outlet Mall and get some bags from Coach because it is damn cheap compared to anywhere else on planet earth.

My wife went on a shopping spree at Coach Factory Outlet in Honolulu.

On the other hand, my son and I only bought a Coach Back Pack and Sling Bag respectively.

Waikele Premium Outlet Mall Honolulu Coach Mens

Well, today, 7th September 2018, I decided to start using the Coach sling bag, which cost me USD100 only, and I was surprised that it can fit damn lots of things…… I will show you guys soon that it really freaking spacious like the LV Neverfull. hahaha. The same sling bad is being sold for RM1,800 in Malaysia!!!

Coach Academy Sling Bag Black Price Malaysia.jpg

If you missed my article titled My USA (Hawaii) Trip 2018, click here to see other stuff that we bought and places we visited while we were at Honolulu. Did you know that Gucci is cheaper by 25% in Hawaii compared to mainland USA? I did buy a Limited Edition Gucci handbag for my youngest daughter as a reward for being accepted into University of Melbourne this year (ranked No.1 in Australia and World’s Top 50 University) and she has yet to even complete her high school, i.e. she’s attending classes at both her high school and University of Melbourne this year!!!

In the above said article, I will also show you which is the best hotel to stay at Waikiki Beach and which room you should get.

I tell you, instead of getting yourself a Gucci or Coach bag in Malaysia, you should fly to Honolulu because the savings you get is like as if you’ll get a FREE air ticket with AirAsia during sale!!!

Coach Academy Sling Bag Is So Freaking Spacious

Today, my old sling bag strap buckle broke so I decided that I should start using the Coach Academy Sling Bag. When I bought it, I thought that it was kind of “wide” but now I know why Coach designed it in such a way.

Coach Academy Sling Bag Fits Apple MacAir  iPad mobile phone and wallet fully zipped up.jpg

You see, I can fit my Apple MacAir 11″ into it!!!

Coach Academy Sling Bag Fits Apple MacAir

Not only that, it still had ample space for me to insert a mouse, a mini iPad, 3 mobile phones, my anti-RFID wallet, my elongated wallet for my non PayWave cards, 2 packs of Marlboro Lights and other stuff!!!

Coach Academy Sling Bag Fits Apple MacAir iPad mobile phone and wallet zipped up

Coach Academy Sling Bag zip pocket

To show you just what I carried around today in the Coach Academy Sling Bag, here a video:

Oh…. you must be wondering why is there a My Diamond Box in my bag, hahaha. If you must know, I was out shopping for a birthday gift for my youngest daughter and the box could fit into my Coach Sling Bag even tho it had tons of gadgets in it.

Ladies don’t have much problems carrying tons of stuff with a tote bag (for example LV Neverfull) but we old fashioned man will never be caught carrying one but instead will use a back pack. I tell you, the Coach Academy is really fantastic because my MacAir 11″ can fit into it, therefore your iPad 9.7″ or Microsoft Surface will too!!! And you will still have ample space for other gadgets.

So guys, if you know anyone who is going to the USA, make sure you tell them to get you the Coach Academy Pack at the Premium Outlet Mall.

Update December 2018 – Hibiki Japanese Harmony in my Coach Bag!!!