My Sister Rejected A First Class Ticket So I Redeemed For Her A Business Class Ticket KL to San Francisco Despite Not Being Able To Do So On Singapore Airlines’ Website


Singapore Airlines flies to several destinations in Europe and North America unlike Malaysia Airlines where it only flies to London. My youngest sister is a Professor in the USA and suddenly out of the blue, my mum told me last week that she will be flying back soon to KL with Singapore Airlines.

Lately I have been earning both Enrich and  KrisFlyer Miles from top, bottom, left, right and centre (and I have taught my Project 2.0, 3.0, 3.3 & 3.8 members the same). Just in the  last 2 months I have earned more than 200K air miles (if I were to convert my credit cards’ reward points to either Enrich or KrisFlyer) in addition to the air miles I already converted and are on standby for me to redeem 3 First Class tickets to either Europe or North America worth more than RM100K.

As I was drafting this, a Project 2.0 member WhatsApp me to inform me that he just redeemed a return KL/Frankfurt for next month on Business Class (worth no less than RM15K) by using less than 150K air miles – all thanks to my teachings  🙂 Project 2.0  members, WhatsApp me for details.

Therefore, if I had known my sister will be flying to KL, I would have used my air miles  to redeem for her a return First or Business Class ticket. FYI, it will be cheaper for me to redeem in full a FREE First Class ticket which cost me nothing compared to upgrading her promo Economy Class ticket to Business Class!!!

I tell you, my sister’s return ticket San Francisco/KL (non-stop SFO/SIN)) with Singapore Airlines was damn freaking cheap, i.e. it cost her less than USD700 (less than RM2800)!!! And best of all, it’s a non-stop flight from San Francisco to Singapore, i.e. no transiting in Hong Kong. If one was to use his/her KrisFlyer miles to redeem a return Economy Class ticket on the same flights as my sister, he/she would get less than 4% return!!! Like I have been telling you guys, it is damn stupid to use our credit cards’ reward points converted to air miles and use the air miles to redeem for Economy Class tickets because the equivalent cash back we can earn is really pathetic.

First Class versus Business Class

You always hear people complaining that it is impossible to redeem a Business Class or First Class ticket with Singapore Airlines….. well, that is because they don’t know how to go about it, hahaha. For example, many of you know that I redeemed a Business Class ticket Melbourne to KL 10 days before I flew back to KL back in June 2018.

Below is a photo of my project team member’s lunch on the plane when he flew First Class with Singapore Airlines just last week. After joining my Projects, he has so many air miles (converted from his credit cards’ reward points) that he can suka-suka burn his air miles flying First Class on short distance flights!


Firdt Class SIA

FYI, there is no First Class for the non-stop flight between Singapore and San Francisco with the Airbus 350. In order to fly First Class, one needs to transit in Hong Kong and the airplane is the Boeing 777.

Below image shows the price of a one way ticket SIN to SFO on Business Class and First Class costing RM16.5K and RM27K respectively.

SIN SFO Price Business First

Well, I checked and I was able to get her a confirm ticket for both the Business Class non-stop SIN/SFO and First Class which is required to transit in Hong Kong.

So, I asked my sister if she wanted Business Class non-stop SIN/SFO or First Class where she needs to transit in Hong Kong. As expected, my sister preferred the Business Class non-stop flight instead of wasting time transiting in Hong Kong even tho I was offering her First Class! Anyway, the Boeing 777 First Class is nothing compared to the First Suite on an Airbus A380. If you ask me, other that the food and service (ground or air), I think the previous Malaysia Airlines Business Class on A380 flat bed (where we can adjust the seat our-self to any position as and when we like) is even better than Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 First Class “bed” (where we need the steward to do it for us) where our legs need to go under the seat in front!!!

For your info, my wife and daughter flew Business Class KL/Melbourne with MAS on the A350 recently and they told me the flat bed was really comfortable. I, on the other hand, flew Business Class recently with Singapore Airlines on a Boeing and had to sleep “senget” (I sleep sideways and because the stupid front seat is so damn close, I had to sleep diagonally where my legs have to go into a damn hole at the side, it is as if I was twisted, hahaha). You can say that Singapore Airlines Business Class passengers sleep “tak centre”, hahaha.

I Redeemed a Business Class Ticket Singapore to San Francisco Non Stop For My Sister

Singapore to San Francisco Non Stop

For the fun of it, I checked if there were seats to upgrade my sister’s Economy Class ticket to Business Class on the Saver Option but there were none. The reason I said for “fun” is because it is kind of a waste (stupid) to upgrade an Economy Class promo ticket to Business Class where we need to pay extra besides using our KrisFlyer miles….. my Project 2.0 members have been taught not to upgrade to Business Class with Singapore Airlines.

So I checked if there were Business Class seats available for me to redeem in full from San Francisco to KL and KL to San Francisco on the same non-stop flights my sister will be flying on Economy Class; but there were no confirm seats available. I.e. either it was on waitlist or not available.

One KUL SFO Redeem Singapore Airlines Business

In respect to the above said paragraph. I managed to redeem in full for my sister a confirmed (non waitlist) Business Class ticket Kuala Lumpur to San Francisco (on Airbus A350 where the trip from Singapore is non-stop to San Francisco) worth RM16K despite Singapore Airlines/KrisFlyer system showing that it was not possible for me to do so.

So, for the benefit of my Project 2.0 team members, I will now teach you the followings:

  1. What you need to do in order to redeem a ticket for someone else using your KrisFlyer Miles;
  2. First Class (transit in HK) versus Business Class (non-stop) Kuala Lumpur to San Francisco or Los Angeles.
  3. How you can redeem a ticket with KrisFlyer Miles despite the system showing you are unable to do so from KL.
  4. If you are residing in Singapore and intends to purchase a Business Class or First Class, you’ll be shocked that you can save tons of money if your starting departure point is KL instead of Changi!!! So buy a separate return ticket with AirAsia to KL or even Penang or Kota Kinabalu first and visit your parents if you ever intend to purchase a Business Class or First Class ticket with Singapore Airlines.
  5. Malaysia Airlines is a zillion times better compared to KrisFlyer in terms of allowing others to fly for FREE using your air miles!!!

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