Cartier Tank Solo Large with Bracelet Review


My youngest Dragon GenZ daughter is graduating from High School (Year 12) in Melbourne. She is in the midst of  sitting four Victoria Certificate of Education (VCE) papers (October to November 2018). Last year (2017) while in Year 11 of her high school, she sat for 2 VCE papers and scored well for both of them. Based on her excellent VCE results in Year 11, she applied to attend University of Melbourne (ranked No.1 Uni in Australia) this year to attend a first year subject per semester and was accepted. I was so happy that she was accepted to University of Melbourne that I bought her a Gucci handbag while in Hawaii.

GenX Daughter GenZ Uni ID

In respect to the above paragraph, what it means is that in this year (2018), my youngest daughter is attending both her High School (Year 12) and classes at University of Melbourne!

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This year, out of the blue, my youngest daughter is into jewellery. She wanted a Tiffany pendant for her 18th birthday. To me, the Tiffany pendant was overpriced because it only had a freaking tiny small diamond but cost a fortune.  Instead, I went to One Utama and bought her a 0.3 Carat Diamond (GIA certified of course) pendant from Wah Chan with a white gold necklace from My Diamond, hahaha.

So, for her coming Year 12 Graduation, I asked her if she wanted a YSL wallet on chain which she has been interested in since last year. Instead she told me she wanted a Cartier bracelet. Well, I was kind of happy to hear that as I am a gold bracelet lover and therefore I personally feel that a gold bracelet is a better buy than handbags.

During my early twenties, I would buy gold bracelets every now and then as I keep losing them, haha. I even had a Cartier designed gold bracelet but found it too stiff and not comfortable (I can’t remember what happened to it as I no longer have it for years, haha).

So I went to check out some of the Cartier bracelets and for less than AUD3K, all I could find were freaking thin 18K gold bracelets with a tiny diamond.

Cartier Bracelet.jpg

So, I offered my youngest daughter my favorite current 916 gold bracelet but she found it too manly for her and she turned down my generous offer.

GenX Gold Bracelet.jpg


I then somehow clicked on Watches at Cartier’s website and to my surprise they had an Entry Level model called Tank Solo that was retailing for less than AUD4K. So I thought it would be better to get my youngest daughter a Cartier watch instead of a bracelet!

Moreover, it is harder to lose a watch compared to losing a gold bracelet and best of all a watch not only represents jewellery but it also tells time!

Cartier Tank Solo Small vs Large vs Extra Large XL price

Interestingly, the Cartier Tank Solo Small and Medium models are quartz watches!!! Only the XL model is automatic.

I showed photos of the Cartier Tank Solo to my daughter and she said it was nice. So, we dropped by Cartier Boutique in Melbourne where my daughter tried all the sizes and she preferred the Large (everybody will tell you it’s medium) over the XL.

I was in Melbourne, so I contacted my watch dealer in KL via WhatsApp to see if they had the Cartier Tank Solo Large in stock and the serial number. My dealer than told me they do have it in stock and the serial number did not contain the number No.4 and best of all it ends with No.8 🙂

Actually my watch dealer advised me to get a Rolex instead of the Cartier Tank Solo, hahaha. And she mentioned that if I really want a Cartier, I should consider the Cartier Santos automatic with changeable straps which cost about RM20K. For RM20K plus, I definitely agree with my watch dealer that I should get the Rolex 31mm Datejust with fluted bezel which makes it scratch proof and thus looks new forever and ever. And of course Rolex watches are heavy duty watches unlike Cartier watches which are categorized as dress watches.

Rolex 31mm White Gold Fluted Bezel 178274

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The reason why I am buying the Cartier Tank Solo Large quartz with smooth casing for my daughter is purely because I think it is a better buy compared to getting her a Cartier bracelet (which I know she will lose it as she has lost many of her diamond earrings and other stuff- and I myself have lost several gold bracelets).

Anyway, I returned to KL last weekend to attend a dinner and dropped by my watch dealer to pick up the Cartier Tank Solo for my daughter. I am now back in Melbourne to surprise my daughter with her new toy.

And if you want to know the price, well, I got it cheaper than retail price and of course I used my Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve and earned myself 10K air miles. I tell you, if you want to buy a Cartier watch, better go to a watch dealer instead of Cartier Boutique and save a few thousand Ringgit.

Unboxing Cartier Entry Level Tank Solo Large

Carier Unboxing

Cartier Watch Box Red

Cartier Watch Boc Front.jpg

Cartier Tank Solo Large Unbloxing 1.jpg

Cartier Tank Solo Large Unbloxing 2.jpg

Cartier Tank Solo Large Unboxing 3.jpg

Cartier Tank Solo Large Unboxing 6

Cartier Tank Solo Large Unboxing 7

Cartier Tank Solo Large Unboxing 8.jpg

Live Photos of the Cartier Tank Solo Large in Action

Cartire Tank Solo Large Review Photo

Cartire Tank Solo Large Review Photo 2

Cartier Tank Solo Large Review Photo 1

Cartier Tank Solo Large versus Rolex Air King on my wrist

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