My Disciple’s Qatar Airways Business Class Travels Singapore Doha Frankfurt October 2018 and Q Suite Amsterdam Doha KL November 2018 – Live Report

Below is my Disciple’s report on his Business Class Travels with Qatar Airways. He only booked his flight in September 2018, about a month before he flew to Frankfurt in October 2018 and returned from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on 2 November 2018.

He flew with Qatar Airlines which was voted as the World’s Best Business Class and best of all on Qsuite which is similar to First Class experience. 

Hi there!

Sorry for this late report, I actually just come back from my trip and trying to cope with the jet lag. I been following GenX for a very long time since years ago and a member of his projects and focusing solely on airmiles.

I been accumulating up to 500k airmiles so I was thinking maybe it’s time to spend la…as you know airmiles is just like Malaysia currency, just keep depreciating in value…Anyway back to the topic, GenX taught me what airlines’ miles required the lowest value to redeem a business class ticket. There are several airlines where I can book however most required waiting list. I decided to try Qartar (I want to try their new Q-suites!!),

The miles required was 140,000 miles + almost 2,000 ringgit taxes for a round trip

SG – Doha – Frankfurt (because no flight for Qatar from KL that time))

Amsterdam – Doha – KL

Business Class Ticket Qatar


Now at the Singapore airport they actually offer me Sats premier lounge which is kinda bad in my opinion….

Qatar Airlines SATS Lounge Singapore

They served liquor too but its EMPTYYYYYYYYYYYY

Qatar SATS Lounge Singapore 2.jpg

Good thing they have a massage chair inside where you can enjoy for a few….hours? HAHAHA

Qatar Airlines SATS Lounge Singapore 3


Here we go, on board Airbus A350-900 Singapore to Doha

Qatar Airbus A350-900  Business Class 1.jpg

1-2-1 configurations, I like the design…

Comment: Fully recline flat bed, seats width is wide and comfy! – just imagine I am a 190 lbs big man which can fits comfortably to it…

Qatar Airbus A350-900  Business Class 2.jpg

Qatar Business Class

Qatar Buiness Class 2

Was greeted by the chief air hostess and served with their signature lime mint ….

Qatar Airlines Lime Mint Juice.jpg

Tried their Champagne and some warm nuts, which I can’t remember the name…

Qatar Ailines Business Class A350-900.jpg

Was served with candle light


Qatar Airways Business Class Starter

Shrimp salad with cold noodles, I must said this is pretty good!

Qatar Airways Business Class Salad

Soup of the day

Qatar Airways Soup Of The Day.jpg

Now the main course – fish blahblah…I don’t know the name

Qatar Airways Business Class Food Fish

Cheese platters – my favorite

Qatar Airways Cheese Platter.jpg

After meal dessert

Qatar Airways Business Class Dessert

Enjoying my movie…

Qatar Airways business Class A350 900 Screen

Qatar Airways Business Class Service.jpg

Then we get to transit in Doha and I have a 10 hours transit time (which I purposely do so …so I can explore this beautiful city with a very short span of time)

Giant teddy bear in Doha airport, it’s a huge airport so try to hop on a buggy ride is you see anyone..approx 20 minutes distance from 1 end to another end.

Doha Airport.jpg

Business Lounge in Doha – Al Mourjan Business Lounge

Al Mourjan Business Lounge Doha.jpg

Lounge is huge!!

Al Mourjan Business Lounge.jpg

Al Mourjan Business Lounge Doha Airport 2.jpg

Buffet served with different kind of foods and a lot dessert to choose from…plenty of shower room, games room, and even sleeping lounge!

Doha Business Class Lounge Food.jpg

The bars

Al Mourjan Business Lounge Doha Airport Bar.jpg

You know what’s better than dessert? A million dessert!

Doha Business Class Lounge Dessert

Reading zone, when I cant sleep I have some reads here, then I fall asleep after 5 minutes

Reading zone Doha Business Class Lounge.jpg

Doha Business Class Lounge.jpg

Peak hour is after 10 pm or around 6-7 am…you may have to queue for at least 30 minutes for the shower.

Sleeping lounge!

Al Mourjan Business Lounge Doha Airport Sleeping Lounge

Perfect ambience and great amenities …Massive area and ample seats

Quiet zone

Al Mourjan Business Lounge Doha Airport Quite Zone.jpg

Gaming room – unfortunately some of them doesn’t works

Gaming room Doha business Class Lounge.jpg

Qatar Airways Q-Suites Boeing 777-300ER

Then we proceed to Q-suites!!!! 6 hours from Doha – Frankfurt

You have your own sweet-suite, business class product but with first class feature….6 hours passed like a breeze!!!

Qatar Airways Q Suites Doha Frankfurt 1

Qatar Airways Q Suites Doha Frankfurt 2

Qatar Airways Q Suites Doha Frankfurt 3.jpg

Fight menu…

Qatar Airways business Class Menu 2

Qatar Airways Doha Frankfurt Business Class Menu.jpg

Even you will get 1 hour unlimited superwifi which up to 8MB(tested by me) on air!! Where you literally can do any work-email related on air and 10 usd throughout whole journey which is super CHEAP in my opinion.

I can even youtube! Or watch whatever …no ones know!!!!!!!

Qatar Airways Internet Speed.jpg

I got my pyjamas ….sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

Qatar Airways Q Suite Pyjamas

Qatar Airways Q Suite Doha Frankfurt Seat.jpg


Qatar Airways Q Suite Boeing 777

Qatar Airways Q Suite to Grankfurt

The quad seats configurations of Q-suite, you can put down the blocks and literally play mahjong there if you travel with 4 friends!!

Qatar Airways Quad Seats Q Suites

Qatar Airways Quad Seats Q Suites 2

My photo skill sucks but here is the concept (photo taken from google)

Qatar Airways Quad Seats

Qatar Airways.jpg

And me – with my handsome face the air hostess invited me to switch my seats to the quad because there is no one sitting there, hahahahha

Midnight menu :

Qatar Airwars Business Class Food

Qatar Airways Q Suites Food

Landed in Frankfurt airport fresh and safe!

As for the returning journey Amsterdam – Doha, I was enjoying the same on Q-suite, BUT abit disappointed from Doha – KUL.

They use a smaller aircraft where the seat width is similar to economic, much smaller when I depart to Frankfurt!!! The only advantages is where you can make it flat that’s all!!

That’s all for my report, overall great experience with qartar airway and I can’t be thankful more and credit all of this to my sifu Gen X, my next experience should be SIA business + first class …. And see you guys again!!

On behalf of all my followers, I thank my fellow Bro for sharing with us his Qatar Airways experience from KL to Europe on Business Class Airbus A350 and Boeing 777 Q-suites October/November 2018.

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